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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training Course

CIF Training 18/10/2017

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training CourseMobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are becoming increasingly more common in the construction industry. This leads to a need for education on the various aspects of working with these devices. As such, CIF has launched an all new Mobile Elevated Work Platform training course that will take you through everything from legislation to accident prevention and emergency procedures to maintenance.

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Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course

CIF Training 11/10/2017

Claims Management Public Sector Contracts CourseCIF has recently announced the release of a dozen new courses, covering a span of topics important to the construction industry. One of these courses is related to claims management public sector contracts. This Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course was built to promote understanding of the claims management procedure under the Public Works Contracts. It also looks at the newest developments in the contracts related to this area.

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Understanding the Safety Management System

CIF Training 10/10/2017

The Safety Management System, also known as SMS, is an important tool for ensuring that a project is in complete compliance with all current safety legislation. As such, understanding how to use this tool is crucial for those who encounter it on a construction site. Equally important is knowledge about why it exists and what it can do for you on the job. We’ll look into that and more as we go over safety management systems in the construction sector.

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Short Form of Public Works Contract CIF Course

CIF Training 08/10/2017

Short Form of Public Works ContractThe Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is one of the leading sources of training courses that cater to the Irish construction industry. All training is built to meet the particular needs of that industry, and each course has been informed by working with those who are most in the know about the topics at hand.

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CIF Launches Emotional Intelligence Group Workshop

CIF Training 01/10/2017

CIF Launches Emotional Intelligence Group WorkshopEmotional Intelligence (also known as EI) is something that is becoming more and more commonplace in organisations and companies as a way to help employees understand how to interact with clients and co-workers most effectively. CIF has recently announced the launch of a new course that will hone in on this modern technique and how it relates to the construction industry.

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Contractor Duties Under Safety Health and Welfare at Work Construction Regulations 2013

CIF Training 29/09/2017

Contractor Duties Under Safety Health and Welfare at Work Construction Regulations 2013There are a lot of duties that contractors are responsible for, something that can be overwhelming for many. The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Construction Regulations 2013 detail the regulations in a way to ensure safety and good health of all workers or others on a construction site. This article will look at the types of duties contractors must be aware of and capable of providing in order to meet the requirement set by law.

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Air Tightness Course Offered as Collaboration Between CIF and CDETB

CIF Training 20/09/2017

Air Tightness Course A new construction training course focusing on air tightness is being led as a collaborative effort by the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). The course offers everything you can expect from a CIF course, as it has been devised to meet the requirements of the Irish construction sector. It has been tailored to offer information that has tangible real-world benefits.

The course will start out with an overview of thermal performance, the process of modelling the energy transfer between a building and the things surrounding it. This will be followed by an introduction to air and wind tightness. There will be a brief coffee break at this time so participants can enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

Upon returning, the next topic will involve a demonstration of a site leakage test, which is used to improve air tightness of a building. This will be followed up by a presentation of the materials used in air tightness, along with discussion about the many practical applications of the process. At this time, attendees may leave to enjoy a lunch break.

The last section of the day will be spent learning more about the theory of air tightness and how to calculate it. A demonstration of an air tightness test for building regulations and certification will round out the day. A question and answer session will be available for those who require further information.

The new course will run a full day and attendees may be awarded six Structured CIRI CPD points. To find out more or book a spot, contact Robert Butler at 01 4066071. The course fee will be expected to be paid at the time of booking and runs €165.00 for CIF members and €215.00 for non-members.

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