5 Safety Tips for Construction Management


As a construction manager, you are responsible for many things, including worker safety while on the job site. That can be difficult to ensure and will require education and training. However, a few simple tips can also help make your job easier.

4 Tips for Better Excavation Safety


The construction industry is fraught with danger, whether that comes in the form of falling from a height or loss of control over equipment. However, there is one segment of the sector that consistently ranks as the most dangerous – excavations. Below, we’ll discuss four tips for better excavation safety for workers.

4 Safety Steps for Working in Confined Spaces


All areas of the construction industry carry with them at least some risk. Simply climbing a ladder can be risky if the right safety precautions are not taken and the right protective gear not worn. However, confined spaces present very significant safety threats. The good news is that the right steps can help to mitigate those risks to some extent.

4 Reasons Safety Training for Construction Workers Is Essential


In the past, the construction industry was one of the least regulated in Ireland. If you could swing a hammer with any accuracy, chances were good that you could land a job, without any need for training or education. Today, that is not the case, although it can be difficult for some to realise the importance of safety training for construction workers. Here are four reasons that such training is essential.

4 Common Safety Risks on Construction Sites


The construction industry is a hazardous sector in Ireland and comes with the risk of serious injury, or even death. The right knowledge and training can offset that risk, but it is also important to understand some of the most common safety risks on the modern construction site.

3 Overlooked Safety Issues That Plague the Construction Industry


Ireland’s construction industry is sometimes recognised as one of the most dangerous segments of the nation’s economy. However, it need not be so. Addressing Construction Safety Training concerns with appropriate tools, knowledge, and training can not only mitigate the risks but can ensure better safety and health for workers. Below, we’ll discuss three of the most overlooked safety issues in this industry.

3 Critical Considerations for Construction Site Safety


While safety is a vital issue in all industries, it is of particular importance in the construction segment. Machine and tool-related injuries, falls, injuries due to scaffolding collapses, and myriad other threats exist. Below, we’ll discuss three of the most critical considerations for construction site safety.

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