The Importance of Diversity in Construction


CIF Learning and Development has recently launched its latest Programme titled “ The Power of Diversity “

Developed by Sandra Lee, Sandra aspires to help others maximise their potential through training and coaching interventions in order to create an engaged and motivating work environment that allows us all to contribute and feel we can belong.

Sandra collaborates with CIF on a number of programme’s including the Athena Women’s Leadership Programme which has been running very successfully for a couple of years now. Many of you will know her from attending that day and if you enjoyed it please show your support for this new programme as well.

We welcome everyone and anyone to attend this one day programme and we promise you will leave feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference in the workplace and reflecting on the value and support you can bring to make the work environment more inclusive.

You can expect to learn more about the drivers for change that necessitate a more inclusive and diverse work culture and the link between diversity and innovation.

The programme creates a safe space for us all to explore and share our stories and experiences of the micro behaviours and inequities that we may have observed or come across in our working lives and show you how we can be allies in the workplace.

It also facilitates dialogue around creating a culture of psychological safety in our businesses and organisations and what that means, to enable us to speak up with ideas and be heard. I will of course share techniques and tips on how we can lean into confronting these behaviours and challenges to produce a win/win.

If we want to see the change in our workplaces we have to be the change!

Please note that when we talk about inclusion in the workplace we need to hear from more than one voice and one perspective, we all need to be part of the change to progress. So we encourage all genders to attend this new “Power of Diversity” Programme.

Please register your interest in this programme via The Power of Diversity

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