Safety Duty holder Questions Answered – Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)


What does Project Supervisor Construction Stage mean?

The role of the project supervisor construction stage is to manage and co-ordinate health and safety matters during the construction stage. The project supervisor (construction stage) is appointed before the construction work begins and remains in that position until all construction work on the project is completed.

What are the duties of the Project Supervisor Construction Stage?

The project supervisor appointed for the construction stage must:

  • co-ordinate the identification of hazards, the elimination of the hazards or the reduction of risks during construction;
  • develop the safety and health plan initially prepared by the PSDP before construction commences
  • co-ordinate the implementation of the construction regulations by contractors
  • organise co-operation between contractors and the provision of information
  • co-ordinate the reporting of accidents to the Authority
  • notify the Authority before construction commences where construction is likely to take more than 500-person days or 30 working days
  • provide information to the site safety representative
  • co-ordinate the checking of safe working procedures
  • co-ordinate arrangements to ensure that craft, general construction workers and security workers have a Safety Awareness card, e.g. SOLAS Safe Pass and a SOLAS Construction Skills card where required
  • co-ordinate the appointment of a site safety representative where there are more than 20 persons on site
  • appoint a safety adviser where there are more than 100 on site
  • provide all necessary safety file information to the PSDP
  • monitor the compliance of contractors and others and take corrective action where necessary
  • notify the Authority and the client of non-compliance with written directions issued.
  • the PSCS may issue directions to designers or contractors.

Does a Project Supervisor appointed under the construction regulations have to be a named individual?

The construction regulations require that competent persons be appointed as project supervisors for the design and construction stages of construction projects.  The legal meaning of person includes individuals and corporate bodies such as limited companies. Unincorporated joint ventures or partnerships may not necessarily be legal entities. For the purposes of the regulations, both the PSDP and PSCS are required to be a legal entity either in the form of an individual or a body corporate.

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