CIF Training Services Prospectus

What we do

This long-established key service department has been delivering consistently for CIF members and non-CIF members over a number of decades. Our watch word is quality with strong customer focus while providing accredited programs. The learning & Development Department has been delivering high quality training for the construction sector for many years.

Over the past ten years, the Department has focused on providing a wide range of training programs to meet our members needs for staff development whilst enabling member companies to meet their legislative and compliance needs.

The Department is responsible for developing & delivering program content as well as working with strategic delivery partners to meet our member needs. As part of this work, the CIF Education, Training & Skills Committee to the CIF Executive Body are consulted on training needs and future provision of training for the wider construction sector; this subcommittee is supported by Dermot Carey, CIF Director & Robert Butler, CIF Head of Department.

The CIF Virtual Academy was launched four years ago to provide a free and fee based option for our members providing quality online learning that is readily available to members at a time and place which suits the learner. We continue to develop content to meet the ever-growing demand for online training programs.

CIF Tutor Panel

CIF Learning & Development have an extensive panel of construction professionals who deliver our tailored program content on behalf of the CIF. These experts have decades of experience and provide detailed course content with a practical real world approach, allowing your employees upon returning from our programs to enable your business to grow and operate more effectively, efficiently & safely in the challenging world of construction.

CIF Training Facilities

CIF Learning & Development has a purpose-built training facility on the second floor of the Head Office building in Dublin 6, which is where the Learning & Development team are situated. Other regional venues are used to ensure members can easily access training programmes with our Regional Hotel partners in Limerick, Galway, Athlone, Cork & Portlaoise.

Our online offering is continually developing to allow our membership improved access to training such as the Core Safety Management Renewal Program (CSMP). Our virtual academy can be found via this link:

CIF offer free Continual Professional Development (CPD) content for our membership to access at any time at no cost via the link:

Why Train with CIF Learning & Development

CIF Learning & Development will expertly guide you on your training needs. CIF Learning & Development provides a complete package; educational consultation, professional industry trainers, your choice of location, tailored content to meet your business needs & comprehensive course materials.

CIF Learning & Development provide a range of programs to meet member needs. We are totally member focused and want to engage with our membership to become their strategic training partner that enhances our members day to day business operations.

At CIF Learning & Development we are focused on your learning and development needs and offer many strong reasons as to why you should consider training with us:

  • Tutor Expertise – Our experienced practitioner differentiates CIF Learning & Development from other providers. We have a dedicated tutor panel with decades of construction experience so that your employees can get the best we can offer you to help with their career development and progress.
  • Small Class Sizes – Our courses are small groups (usually between 15-20 people) and are highly interactive. This allows for scope to ask questions and join in discussions. Attendees are encouraged to actively join in, contributing with their own experiences and also challenge and learn from each other. Individual and group exercises are designed to get people thinking about, reinforcing and applying their learning outcomes.
  • Quality Program Materials and Certificate of Completion – All program attendees will receive the program content and a certificate for completing each program.
  • Quality Venues – We always use easy accessible venues that are centrally located and which provide the right balance of comfort and technology to facilitate your learning experience.
  • Learning with your peers – Our programs are primarily aimed at industry participants, so you can expect to be training alongside an engaging peer group.
  • Post course feedback – The feedback on our programs provide a platform to continue discussions and conversations from attended courses while providing the Department with information on how CIF can continually improve the overall offering.
  • In-house training – In addition to our scheduled programs we also provide bespoke programs offering expertise, convenience and cost effectiveness.
  • Track record – Our team of professionals have many years’ experience of planning, designing and delivering training programs. We look forward to working with you.
  • Alumni group – In addition to the peers you will meet on the course, we also have an alumni group for you to join and network with.

Do you want CIF to Provide Training on your Site or In-house?

CIF Learning & Development can provide any of our programs on site or in-house and we can also tailor the program content to suit your business needs. Call CIF Learning & Development on 014066071 to discuss your specific needs and let CIF Learning & Development provide you with a tailored training solution to meet your business development needs.

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