CIF Learning & Development over the last number of years have developed construction specific short Microsoft courses that, amongst other things, will provide students with the skills to tap into the full potential of Microsoft management tools.


Microsoft Excel Advanced & Data Visualisation for Excel

MS Excel is a natural starting point for our suite of MS courses. CIF Learning & Development provides three one-day courses. A natural starting point is MS Excel Introduction and MS Excel Advanced. On completion of both courses, students will be introduced to the fundamental features of spreadsheets and their use, advancing to being comfortable with automating worksheet functionality, as well as using a variety of different analytical tools, data presentation and working effectively with multiple workbooks.

“Data Visualisation for MS Excel” is the third excel course in the suite. This course is designed to introduce existing users of MS Excel to the Principles of Data Visualisation using Microsoft Excel Charts.

By the end of this course, students should be comfortable with applying data visualisation principles to create informative dashboards using chart options and chart design in Excel.

The Importance of Diversity in Construction


CIF Learning and Development has recently launched its latest Programme titled “ The Power of Diversity “

Developed by Sandra Lee, Sandra aspires to help others maximise their potential through training and coaching interventions in order to create an engaged and motivating work environment that allows us all to contribute and feel we can belong.

Sandra collaborates with CIF on a number of programme’s including the Athena Women’s Leadership Programme which has been running very successfully for a couple of years now. Many of you will know her from attending that day and if you enjoyed it please show your support for this new programme as well.

We welcome everyone and anyone to attend this one day programme and we promise you will leave feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference in the workplace and reflecting on the value and support you can bring to make the work environment more inclusive.

Assigned Certifier – A Site Manager’s Approach


Building owners, designers and construction companies have a legal obligation under the Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014 (BCAR) to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the ever-changing Technical Guidance documents and Building Regulations. The legislation requires the nomination of a competent person as an “Assigned Certifier” to inspect the works to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

The role of Assigned Certifier is critical to the implementation of the new regulations.  During the construction process, the Assigned Certifier monitors the works and both the Builder and the Assigned Certifier sign and issues a Certificate of Compliance on Completion.

The Assigned Certifier is now an integral part of any project team and must be a registered professional (Chartered Engineer, Chartered Building Surveyor or Registered Architect) with the relevant experience and competency in relation to complex construction projects.

June 2022 Toolbox Talk: Men’s Health


“Certain areas of the body need more looking after than others. One in five men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. This cancer is known as the ‘silent killer’ in men.”
(Kieran Cullen, EHS Lead, John Sisk and Son Ltd.)

As we get older, the pressures and pace of life can be hectic, and sometimes we forget to look after our health and wellbeing. We always tend to look after the more visually noticeable or obvious things.

Safety Duty holder Questions Answered – Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)


What does Project Supervisor Construction Stage mean?

The role of the project supervisor construction stage is to manage and co-ordinate health and safety matters during the construction stage. The project supervisor (construction stage) is appointed before the construction work begins and remains in that position until all construction work on the project is completed.

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