CIF Learning & Development over the last number of years have developed construction specific short Microsoft courses that, amongst other things, will provide students with the skills to tap into the full potential of Microsoft management tools.


Microsoft Excel Advanced & Data Visualisation for Excel

MS Excel is a natural starting point for our suite of MS courses. CIF Learning & Development provides three one-day courses. A natural starting point is MS Excel Introduction and MS Excel Advanced. On completion of both courses, students will be introduced to the fundamental features of spreadsheets and their use, advancing to being comfortable with automating worksheet functionality, as well as using a variety of different analytical tools, data presentation and working effectively with multiple workbooks.

“Data Visualisation for MS Excel” is the third excel course in the suite. This course is designed to introduce existing users of MS Excel to the Principles of Data Visualisation using Microsoft Excel Charts.

By the end of this course, students should be comfortable with applying data visualisation principles to create informative dashboards using chart options and chart design in Excel.


Microsoft Project Management 

The principal objective of MS Project Management is to support project managers through the various stages of a project. Though there are various platforms, a full suite platform will support managers in areas such as uniting project planning, resource management, team collaboration, finance and billing, time tracking and reporting, so they can manage projects from quote to invoice.

In dealing daily with member companies, the consensus is that a large majority are utilising MS Project to some degree. However, like with a lot of software, people are quick to acknowledge that they may not be utilising it as effectively as they can and not to its capacity. Our courses give attendees an excellent grounding in the fluent use of the MS Project with basic principles that underpin the critical path method and many more.

Microsoft Power BI Essentials

MS Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides non-technical business users with the knowledge for analysing, aggregating visualising and sharing data. Power BI’s interface is intuitive to excel users and its ability to integrate with other Microsoft products. This results in a versatile multi-purpose tool that once basic training has been completed, it can add value to any business by eliminating the need to invest in proprietary third-party software.

Power BI Essentials Beginners course focuses on the Power BI Desktop, with some time also spent in the Power Query Editor. The emphasis is on the visuals in the desktop and will also touch on publishing to the PowerBI Service at the end of the day, but all learning will be completed on the desktop.

The course covers the essential skills needed to begin using the PowerBI Desktop to produce visual reports and learn how to bring data into the Power Query Editor to transform into Power BI. Students will learn how to bring data from an Excel file or CSV File into the Power Query Editor and then load into Power BI, while discussing the essentials of data cleansing. Students will also learn some basic Dax formulae, along with gaining an understanding of the data model.

The above courses may be booked individually or bundled together via our MS Bundle option via our Master Microsoft Bundle.

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