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Principles of Prevention in Construction

CIF Training 10/11/2017

Principles of Prevention in ConstructionOne of the major duties of the Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP) is taking a full account of the nine principles of prevention. This is when the Principles of Prevention in Construction (PSDP) will review all design risk assessments with an eye toward risk reduction and elimination. In essence, this professional should be determining any hazards that may come about and working to eliminate them or at least make them less likely.

However, what does that mean? The General Principles of Prevention, Schedule 3 of the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005 explains what the principles of prevention consist of and what the PSDP should be looking at and determining the risks of. We will go over each of these below, with examples and tips for how to utilise the principles in the best way.

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Public Sector Prequalification and Tendering Course Available

CIF Training 01/11/2017

Public Sector Prequalification and Tendering Course CIF (Construction Industry Federation), the leading provider of construction training courses, is adding new courses; one of the most helpful is likely to be the public sector prequalification and tendering course. It will take place over a half-day in Dublin, Galway, or Cork. It’s available to those who are CIF members or those who are not, with fees of €125 for the former and €150 for the latter.

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New Manual Handling Training Course

CIF Training 25/10/2017

New Manual Handling Training CourseCIF now offers a new course revolving around the practice and theory of safe manual handling. To provide the best possible course available, a certified QQI Level 6 instructor will be leading this course. It is a half-day course that is open to both CIF members and non-members.

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training Course

CIF Training 18/10/2017

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training CourseMobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are becoming increasingly more common in the construction industry. This leads to a need for education on the various aspects of working with these devices. As such, CIF has launched an all new Mobile Elevated Work Platform training course that will take you through everything from legislation to accident prevention and emergency procedures to maintenance.

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Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course

CIF Training 11/10/2017

Claims Management Public Sector Contracts CourseCIF has recently announced the release of a dozen new courses, covering a span of topics important to the construction industry. One of these courses is related to claims management public sector contracts. This Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course was built to promote understanding of the claims management procedure under the Public Works Contracts. It also looks at the newest developments in the contracts related to this area.

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Understanding the Safety Management System

CIF Training 10/10/2017

The Safety Management System, also known as SMS, is an important tool for ensuring that a project is in complete compliance with all current safety legislation. As such, understanding how to use this tool is crucial for those who encounter it on a construction site. Equally important is knowledge about why it exists and what it can do for you on the job. We’ll look into that and more as we go over safety management systems in the construction sector.

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Short Form of Public Works Contract CIF Course

CIF Training 08/10/2017

Short Form of Public Works ContractThe Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is one of the leading sources of training courses that cater to the Irish construction industry. All training is built to meet the particular needs of that industry, and each course has been informed by working with those who are most in the know about the topics at hand.

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CIF Launches Emotional Intelligence Group Workshop

CIF Training 01/10/2017

CIF Launches Emotional Intelligence Group WorkshopEmotional Intelligence (also known as EI) is something that is becoming more and more commonplace in organisations and companies as a way to help employees understand how to interact with clients and co-workers most effectively. CIF has recently announced the launch of a new course that will hone in on this modern technique and how it relates to the construction industry.

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