Working with the Assigned Certifier – a Site Managers Approach

Training Course Information

Those working at site level management or supervision who deal with the Assigned Certifier, who wish to fully understand their role in this critical aspect of construction activity. This short program is essential for those working with Assigned Certifier role as it provides a practical understanding of the role and how it impact your role on site.

Programme Duration

This is a one-day program.

Program Content (7 Structured CIRI CPD Points)

Module 1: BCAR Legislation

  • Regulations & Certification structure
  • Duty holders & roles
  • Inspection plans
  • Implementation rules & procedures

Learning Outcomes Module 1

After this module participants would be expected to have a broad understanding of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations regime. Participants would be expected to be able to give a broad list of the various parties involved and the type of certifications expected from each. This will allow them to approach construction projects with an understanding of their role as an SME building contractor and how they expect to interact with other stakeholders.

Module 2: Practical Implementation Of Bc(A)r On Site

  • Products & Materials
  • Persons arriving on site
  • Elements that require design from Builder/Main Contractor/Sub-Contractor
  • Ancillary Certificates to BCARs
  • Documentation

Learning Outcomes Module 2

After this module participants would be expected to be able to prepare a guideline plan to manage BC(A)Rs certification and documentation on site during a construction project and how this might link with other required records including products and materials. Participants should also be aware of the range of different Ancillary Certificates published for BCARs compliance and where to find guidance on which ones to use/request in various circumstances.

Module 3: Understanding The Assigned Certifier’s Role & Requirements

  • Assigned & Ancillary Certifier’s
  • Assigned Certifier’s Duties
  • Ancillary Certifier’s Duties
  • Builder Certification Requirements

Learning Outcomes Module 3

After this module the participant would be expected to have a broad understanding of the duties of the other BC(A)R stakeholders. This understanding should allow the participant as the “Builder” to ensure a more managed interaction with the certifying parties and give the Builder confidence with regards to how his/her duties relate to those of the other parties.

Module 4: Some Worked Examples

The participants will be invited to examine some practical examples of BC(A)Rs related issues and discuss how these examples would be approached. This can then be extrapolated to a more general approach to encompass many or most BC(A)Rs related issues.

Please contact Robert Butler, Head of Learning & Development on 014066071 or by email


Members Fee: €305
Non-Members Fee: €405


This program is a one-day delivery. Start time is 9.00 am to 17.00 pm.

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