CIF Core Safety Management Programme Renewal


For those who work in the field of health and safety, especially health and safety in the workplace, staying up to date with developments within construction safety is a vital part of delivering an effective service, both to employers and the workforce.  Health and safety legislation often changes as we learn from real life incidents in the workplace and making sure your knowledge is current is an essential part of remaining compliant always.  This is the reason that health and safety professionals, especially within the construction industry, are required to regularly update their training with Safety Management Renewal courses for CPD purposes.

A construction Safety Officer/Manager is employed to make sure that construction workers are following the established safety policies and complying with current health and safety regulations always.  Any construction company has a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangement to manage for health and safety and the person responsible for this management is the Safety Officer/Manager who should be trained and qualified to deliver the safety leadership and management necessary to ensure that the construction site is as safe as is practicable.

An effective Safety Officer/Manager will know the risks faced by the organisation and rank them in order of importance and act to control them.  The range of risks goes beyond health and safety risks to include quality, environmental and asset damage, with issues in one area often impacting in another area.

The Safety Officer/Manager is responsible for keeping health and safety documentation functional and concise enough to be effective, rather than confusing.  Managing for safety isn’t just about having a safety management system, the success of that is dependent upon the attitudes and behaviours of those working in the organisation – this is known as the “safety culture”.  Understanding the safety culture within an organisation is a key element when delivering effective safety leadership on a construction site.

To stay current on all the complex issues involved in safety in the construction industry, the training needs to be renewed every three years.  CIF Training’s Core Safety Management Programme Renewal has been specifically designed to enable safety professionals in the construction industry to renew their training knowledge in a quick and convenient manner that ensures their knowledge is up to date for CPD as well as operational use over the coming three years.

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