CIF Appointed Person (Lifting Operations)

Training Course Information

Who should attend?

Construction Manager’s and Supervisors with a responsibility for lifting operations who have sufficient experience of the use of cranes to meet the requirements specified in Safe Use of Cranes. The position of an Appointed Person carries a great deal of responsibility and only suitable personnel should be selected for this role.

Aim of the Course

To make candidates more aware of the Appointed Persons ‘responsibilities and how best to fulfil them in meeting compliance with Irish Regulations’.


  • Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Safe Systems of Work Including Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Personal Responsibilities duties and roles
  • Cranes: Types and Terms structure and size
  • Crane Documentation
  • Crane Stability and Ground Pressure Loading pad size
  • Duty Charts and Safety Devices
  • Basic Terminology
  • Lift Loads and load planning
  • Environment

Course Method

Theory in classroom setting over 3 days including scale drawing and compiling of site lift plans.

The duties of the Appointed Person should include

The assessment of the lifting operation to cover;

  • Planning
  • Selection of cranes
  • Selection of lifting gear
  • Selection of personnel
  • Instruction and supervision
  • Consultation with other responsible bodies if necessary
  • Ensuring that adequate inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment has been carried out.
  • Ensuring that there is an effective procedure for reporting defects and incidents and taking any necessary corrective action.
  • Responsibility for the organisation, control and safety of the lifting operation.


10 Candidates per course

Duration of course

This is a three day course. (1 Day a week for 3 weeks)


€795.00 per candidate for CIF members or €895.00 for non-members.



Training 01-4066051/01-4066029

Number of Participants:

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