Site Managers a Practical Approach to Building Regulations

Training Course Information

All those involved in site supervision or site management who wish to fully understand this now complex role with an aim to achieving compliance with current regulations and best practices.

Programme Duration

This programme is delivered over two consecutive days

Programme Content

Module 1: Codes, Standards, etc. to be aware of on site

  • Building Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents
  • Planning, Fire and DAC
  • Building Control (Amendment) Regulations
  • CE Marking / Agrément Certs
  • Other Standards
  • Health and Safety

Learning outcomes Module 1

After this module participants would be expected to have a broad understanding of the various certification and approval regimes under which site works are constructed. Participants would be expected to be able to give a broad list of the various regulatory regimes that apply to a specific job on which they are engaged. This will allow them to seek information in the correct places when needed during construction.

Module 2: Management of Certification on Site

  • Products and materials
  • Persons arriving on site
  • Material and Product ordering processes
  • Elements that require design from Builder/Main Contractor/ Sub- Contractor
  • Ancillary Certificates to BCARs
  • Documentation

 Learning outcomes Module 2

After this module participants would be expected to be able to prepare a guideline plan to manage certification and documentation on site during a construction project. Participants should also be aware of the range of different Ancillary Certificates published for BCAR’s compliance and where to find guidance on which ones to use/request in various circumstances.

Module 3: Products with Unusual Certification requirements

  • Fill Material
  • Concrete
  • Masonry Units
  • Anchors
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Precast and Pre-Assembled Items
  • Windows and Doors
  • Mechanical items including commissioning
  • Electrical systems including fire safety systems
  • Pedestrian Restraint Systems and Fall Arrest Systems
  • Irish Water

Learning outcomes Module 3

After this module participants should be familiar with some of the less straight-forward certification items they might encounter on site. They should know where to look for guidance on these items when they encounter them.

Module 4: Sample Construction Project

  • Preliminary Items prior to commencement
  • Ground Works and Foundations
  • Structure
  • First Fix
  • Second Fix
  • External Works
  • Final certification and documentation handover

Learning Outcome Module 4

This module should tie together the elements already covered to date and encourage the participants to apply their learnings to “real world” scenarios. (Hand-outs with project specifics and specific challenges – Engagement of participants.)

Module 5: Demonstration of Learning

Provide candidates with a handout detailing a range of orders, suppliers, issues that could be encountered during a construction project. Participants to analyse each issue and detail what type of documentation and certification they would expect to encounter, provide, or be provided with.

Attendees can award 14 Structured CIRI CPD points

Please contact Robert Butler Head of Learning & Development on 014066071 or by email

Members Fee: €500
Non Members Fee: €600
Course Times: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Duration: 2 Day Program
Location: Nationwide

Number of Participants:

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