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Working alone is not against the law. But employers do have a range of legal duties – specified by the Health and Safety Executive and enacted in health and safety legislation – to protect their employees and to consider specific risks for lone workers. Employees who work alone also have responsibilities, to take reasonable care of themselves, be aware of any potential risks and to follow safety procedures in place.

Lone Worker training course has been designed to enable employers who have identified situations where people work alone, whether in the office or remotely, to provide training and information on the potential hazards and risks they may face and how to determine and implement appropriate controls.

The Lone Worker Health and Safety course highlights how to prevent accidents and avoid possible emergency situations – including fire, equipment failure, illness and accidents, and trips, slips and falls – and explains the organisational accident reporting procedures. The course also demonstrates how to assess different risks, how to develop control measures, how to ensure control procedures are adequate and how to determine if additional measures are required.

Main Sections within the course:

  • Overview
  • Hazards and Procedures
  • Personal Safety
  • Final Test

Target Audience:

The course is suitable for all staff and managers who work alone, away from a fixed workplace and away from co-workers.

Course Objectives:

  •      To heighten awareness regarding the health and safety issues associated with lone working.
  •      To show the responsibilities of both lone workers and employers.
  •      To detail safe practices for lone working.


Once the 30 minute course is completed, users will be required to take a final test consisting of as default, 10 required questions from a bank of 20 questions.  Your course administrator can define pass rates appropriate for your organisation and decide to implement the random test question feature.  On successful completion of the test, users can download and print a certificate.

Number of Participants:

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