Building Regulations Update


Building Regulations Update

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien, has signed new building regulations (S.I. 535 of 2022) that require Electric Vehicle recharging infrastructure to be installed in new homes to enable future installation of EV recharging points.


The regulations apply to:

  • New dwelling houses with a parking space located within the boundary of the dwelling.
  • New multi-unit residential buildings
  • Multi-unit residential buildings undergoing major renovation where the car park is located inside or adjacent to the building, and where renovations include the car park or the electrical infrastructure of the building or car park.


Minister O’Brien has also signed new regulations (S.I. 534 of 2022) to facilitate the roll-out of district heating. The purpose of the regulations is to support more district heating and cooling in residential buildings. The regulations are a partial transposition of Article 15.4 of the Renewable Energy Directive to permit the Building Regulation minimum requirements for renewable energy in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings to be fulfilled through efficient district heating and cooling using a significant share of renewable energy and waste heat and cold.


Technical Guidance Documents L (Conservation of Fuel and Energy) 2022 have been published to accompany these new regulations and may be accessed at:

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