CIF Training – Conservation Theory for Heritage Contracting

Training Course Information

Conservation Theory for Heritage Contracting is a one day programme for owners, principals and directors of Construction Firms dealing with heritage projects. This satisfies the requirement to have “knowledge of conservation theory” as specified under the Register for Heritage Contractors.

To give participants an understanding of the underlying principles of conservation and architectural heritage requirements. At the end of the programme, participants will be more aware of the different aspects of heritage projects. They will have a better understanding of the ways to meet the needs of their clients and of the heritage buildings.


  • Conservation Theory
  • Legislation & Policy on Architectural Heritage Protection
  • Case Study: The Client’s Perspective
  • Economic Value of Heritage
  • Legislation & Policy on Archaeology & Development
  • Testing and Investigation
  • The Contractor’s Perspective
Number of Participants:

Participant 1

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