CIF Temporary Works One Day Programme

Training Course Information

This one day program is aimed to provide essential knowledge for those involved in Temporary Works process on site but are not undertaking the role of the competent Temporary Works    Co-ordinator or Supervisor as defined in BS5975:2008 + A1:2011. This program assumes a limited or no detailed previous knowledge of temporary works process. Attendance does not confer competency as a Temporary Works Co-ordinator/ Supervisor but is for the purposes of raising awareness and for Continuing Professional Development Purposes (CPD).

Course Objectives

  • What is Temporary Work by definition
  • How Temporary Works are to be used
  • The role of safety in Temporary Works
  • Common site issues associated with Temporary Works
  • The supervision of Temporary Works on site and issues
  • Understanding what constitutes Temporary Works
  • Know how Temporary Works are to be applied on site.
  • Understand the importance of safety and how to overcome common issues on site.
  • Understand the need for the management process on site.

The programs aim is to provide delegates with a clear understanding of what Temporary Work are and to gain an understanding and knowledge of industry recognised systems which can be used to control and reduce the risk arising from Temporary Works.

Course Content (7 CIRI CPD Points)

  • What constitutes Temporary Works, their function and understanding the safety critical elements.
    • Familiarise delegates with industry recognised procedures for supervising Temporary Works and the tools available to assist in this process.
    • To clearly identify the references to Temporary Works in current CIF/H.S.A guidance and in Irish legislation and the key duty holder roles of the PSDP/PSCS in managing Temporary Works pre-site activity & on site.
    • To be able to identify common Temporary Works issues and to be able to assist in Temporary Works management processes.
    • Raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities involved in the day to day operation of Temporary Works.
    • Raise standards and improve knowledge which could be applied across the sector, thus avoiding unnecessary supplementary training.
    • To provide information so delegates can appreciate the statutory requirements and the essential need for Safety & Health roles and responsibilities to be undertaken during Temporary Works activity.



This course is a one day program, upon completion the delegate will receive a certificate of attendance for CPD purposes.



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