Team Structures and Responsibilities

Training Course Information

The target participant will presently be responsible for the activities of an established team and to wants to affirm or enhance existing skills. Or may be about to embark on the journey of establishing and operating a team based structure.

Programme objective

At the end of this programme, participants will know how to establish a team in a structured manner in which objectives, structures, roles and responsibilities are established, agreed and committed to by all team members.

Programme duration

The programme duration is two days. In day 1, participants will explore the programme content in an interactive process and in day 2, the participants will build on the learning of day 1 through the review of case studies and role playing activity designed to reinforce learning and build confidence.

Programme content includes:

  • The operation of a team.
  • Sharing responsibilities and team leadership.
  • Developing an understanding of what responsibility means.
  • Individual and communal responsibilities.
  • Team organisation, administration, communications.
  • Obstacles to effective operation.
  • Addressing and resolving conflict.
  • Establishing and obtaining commitment to operating targets.
  • Identification and commitment to the “rules” under which the team will operate.
  • Identification of the difficult responsibilities which teams encounter.
  • Strategies for utilising the strengths of individuals to the benefit of the team.
  • Team identity.


The process employed during this programme is a highly interactive one in which the presenter, having introduced the concepts, facilitates the group in addressing and resolving the various issues which arise. The learning process takes account of and builds on the knowledge and experience of participants.
The focus throughout is on practicality with participants establishing themselves in team structures during the course and thus gaining real hands on experience of how the team structure operates, the opportunities which arise and associated the challenges and risks.

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