Project Management – Advanced Professional Certificate

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This course is for Construction Industry people who want to become truly competent in project management. CIF learning & Development working in partnership with Johnston & Mather have been running courses for the construction industry for many years, first for the School of Construction and Engineering at Reading University and then for the RIBA.  Last year we restructured our most popular course, extending it to include the syllabus for the Association for Project Management’s professional qualification, the PPQ.

It’s often the case that we do not really learn this subject but pick up bits and pieces along the way – enough to get by most of the time, but not enough to do the project management job with proper skill. This course is for people who are not satisfied with that sort of position and are not content to bluff their way through situations which are not fully understood.

Our course will teach you how to set up a project, how to cope with complexity, how to interpret and manage the client’s aspirations and expectations; it will enable you to establish and lead the project team, and give you a range of tools that you can use to optimise the way your project runs, and manage it through uncertainties and contingencies.

Our method is very practical. You will work in teams and you will be exposed to simulated situations which will test your performance and correct your approach; this is so that when you go back to your real work, you will have valuable experience which can be applied and enable you to lead with confidence and authority.

The course is blended with days of attendance and some distance learning.  All the course material is online on our Moodle website.  During the course the students are divided into teams and asked to carry out case studies based on ‘real life’ scenarios.  The course is structured into three blocks (a block is two days of face-to-face learning), which are linked by distance learning.

Block 1: Project Management – the Fundamental Processes

Subjects covered include:

  • Programming and Scheduling
  • Planning and Control
  • Team building: Belbin approach
  • Project Structures
  • Stakeholder management techniques
  • Risk Management
  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Project Management terms
  • Managing aims and Objectives

Block 2: Project Management Techniques and Practice

Subjects covered include:

  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Safety and CDM
  • Organisations, Project Organisations and Change
  • Agile
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Design Management
  • Configuration management and change control
  • Roles & Responsibilities in a project organisation
  • Procurement
  • Quality Management

Block 3: Project Management Competence

 Subjects covered include:

  • Governance structure and roles
  • Scope management
  • Communication and information management
  • Sustainability
  • Risks and issues, risk management plan
  • Cost estimating
  • Conflict management
  • BIM: collaboration and co-operation

This course is accredited by the Association for Project Management [APM] in the UK for its PMQ and PPQ qualifications. The PPQ marks the threshold for professional membership of the APM. The exams themselves are not included in the course.


Fee: CIF Member: €2,150 CIF Non-Members: €2,750

Time: 09.00am to 5.00pm

Program module dates: Each block requires two days of teaching.

Block 1 – 26 and 27 February (Tues/Wed)
Block 2 – 9 and 10 April (Tues/Wed)
Block 3 – 30 and 31 May (Thur/Fri)

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