Internal Auditing of Quality Systems

Training Course Information

The target participant is either presently a member of an internal audit team or is about to become a member of an Internal Audit Team focusing on Quality, Health and Safety Management systems as well as systems associated with product registration and CE marking.

Programme objective

At the end of this programme, participants will understand the background philosophy of the internal audit function as applied to various management systems to which organisations hold accreditation. They will also have gained an insight into the application of a positive, improvement focused auditing function and will have tested their learning by reference to case study materials.

Programme duration

The programme duration is one day.

Programme content

Stage 1

  • Introduction to the purpose of internal auditing.
  • The philosophy of internal auditing as a communications, involving and improvement focused process.
  • A review of the requirements of international standards such as ISO9000, OHSAS 18000, ISO14001 as regards the internal auditing process.
  • The role and responsibilities of the internal auditor.
  • Internal audit methodologies.
  • Planning the audit.
  • Communicating with auditees and setting the scene for a successful audit.
  • The process of performing an internal audit.
  • Engaging positively with auditees.
  • Recording outcomes.
  • Dealing with feedback and non-conformances.
  • Dealing with negative reactions.
  • Communicating results and outcomes.
  • Some key dos and don’ts.

The learning process

The learning process is a combination of formal presentations supported and reinforced by case studies and practical examples.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the programme is a practical session in which participants practice the internal auditing skills addressed in stage 1. Using purpose specific case studies, the participants plan and undertake an internal audit in accordance with the learning in stage 1. The process includes the completion of all paperwork and the provision of reports to designated management within the “organisation”. A workshop environment will be used to enable participants to interact and share learning experiences.

Number of Participants:

Participant 1

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