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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly being used in organisations and companies to help employees understand better how to be more effective in their work relationships and in client/customer interactions. EI is about how well you recognize and manage your emotions, how well you interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how you use this knowledge to manage your relationships with others. So rather than acting instinctively to a strong unhelpful emotion, understanding your EI through a self-completed online questionnaire will help you step back and modify your behavior.

Time: 9.00 am – 12.00pm

Dates: 22nd November 2018

Fee: €285 per delegate for CIF members & €350 for Non CIF members

Venue:  CIF Dublin 6


  1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
    • Definition and background
    • Practical Uses related to Construction Industry
  2. Report Exploration
    • Snap shot Report presented to each participant (based on completed online questionnaire)
    • Exploration of each scale in a general context
    • Specific Strengths and development areas explored in group work  context
  3. Developing Emotional Intelligence
    • Specific actions for developing EI
    • Exercises and group coaching to reinforce  learning’s
  4. Review and Close


  • How to use emotional intelligence to enhance your personal leadership.
  • Connect authentically with others by understanding your core attitude.
  • Make better quality decisions.
  • Managing conflict through understanding your unhealthy emotions. Avoiding the “if only” feeling having reacted negatively to a situation.
  • Manage yourself in relation to flexibility, goal directedness, emotional resilience
  • Manage relationships through understanding your level of comfort in relation to conflict, trust, emotional expression and control
  • EI can be developed at any time through awareness and creating new habits and behaviours


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