Creating a Team Based Environment

Training Course Information

The target participant is in the process of exploring the concept of team working with a view to establishing a team based working environment. They are likely to be people who will establish teams and devolve leadership to others and who need to be comfortable with what they are getting into or they may be people who will be responsible for leading, guiding and empowering teams within their organisations.

Programme objective.

At the end of this programme, participants will appreciate and understand the issues, challenges, opportunities and benefits associated with team structures. They will know what is involved in implementing a team based environment.

Programme duration

The programme duration is one days.

Programme content includes

  • Team Structures Vrs. Conventional Structures.
  • Empowerment and what it means.
  • Empowerment as a challenge and opportunity.
  • What is involved in empowering others.
  • The scope and range of responsibilities applicable to team based structures.
  • Establish a mission or focus for the team.
  • Obstacle identification.
  • Seeking and obtaining commitment.


The process employed is practical and interactive.
Participants explore the concepts and issues which relate to the creation of the empowered team based organisation from a conceptual standpoint and then explore how these concepts might be employed.
Cross organisational application.
This programme has the advantage of being applicable across various strata of the organisation. While it is an essential tool to enable senior management to establish their own vision and commitment to the process, it can also be used to enable “users” to achieve the same result at their own level and within the parameters of company vision.

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