Business Management Skills

Training Course Information

The target participants are people from technical, administrative or professional backgrounds who are involved in the customer interface and the commercial aspects of the business utilising skills and knowledge not normally associated with their traditional roles in the organisation.

Programme objective

The objective of this programme is to provide participants with the business management skills required to enable them to fully interact with the regular customer interface and commercial environment of the organisation. At the end of this programme, participants will have sufficient knowledge to enable them to become established in the commercial/sales environment.

Programme duration

The programme duration is two days.


  • Assessing potential customers.
  • Developing a feel for the potential customer in terms of business viability.
  • Establishing the key bench marks which identify a potentially successful customer.
  • Conducting initial assessment from home base. Determining if there is any point in moving to more cost incurring stages.
  • Planning and preparation associated with customer meetings and responses.
  • Focusing on establishing what the customer is likely to want.
  • Anticipating the customer position. The questions they are likely to ask. The issues they are likely to raise.
  • Developing strategies in response to same.
  • Obtaining and assessing the necessary information.
  • Reporting and documenting the results of customer assessment.
  • Avoiding the lure of business at any cost.
  • Progressing the business prospect through formal proposals, follow up and proposal amendment, final proposal and business agreement or negative close out.
  • Establishing the pitfalls and problems which may arise at each stage.
  • Avoiding the danger of “representing” the customer need at the expense of the company requirement. Remaining objective about the prospect.
  • Establishing the real value of the business prospect.
  • Defining income potential, overheads and potential profits.
  • Determining the sales budget for the prospect in terms of justifiable and non-justifiable costs.
  • Identifying cost cutting and savings potentials. Proposing and justifying same from a commercial and technical standpoint. Selling alternatives to the customer.
  • Relationship building with target personnel within customer organisations. Establishing and maintaining contacts. Obtaining their support for you and your company.

Learning process

The learning process is a combination of trainer led presentations augmented by case study review, planning and role playing activity to enhance participation and learning.

Flexible options

The programme content can be adjusted to respond to specific learning issues identified by client organisations.

Programme Duration

The above element of the proposed training programme will be delivered over a two day period.

Number of Participants:

Participant 1

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