Assertive Communications

Training Course Information

The target participant is anybody who interacts with people in the course of their working day. It is particularly relevant to people who must influence others in order to achieve their goals and objectives and who may have to deal with difficult or challenging personalities.

Programme Objective

At the end of this programme, participants will have identified and developed communication strategies which allow them to be positive and assertive when using all types of communication.

Programme Duration

The programme duration is one day.

Programme Content

  • The basic principles of communication through oral/verbal/written and indirectly.
  • A definition of assertiveness. How it can be recognised and how it manifests itself.
  • Assertiveness and Aggressiveness, the key differences.
  • Key personal ingredients to ensure assertive and effective communications
  • Developing a positive mind-set and approach. Enhancing personal self-confidence.
  • Preparing and planning for situations where assertive communication styles are required.
  • Examples of styles of communication which result in assertive and effective communication processes and outcomes.
  • Strategies for dealing with and responding to difficult people including people who you are intimidated by or whom you fear.
  • Examples of forms of words or the emphasis placed on words, tone of voice, voice projection which are indicative of a confident, assertive, non-aggressive style.
  • Examples of indirect communications I.E. body language which are indicative of confidence, assertive but not aggressive approach to other people.
  • Examples of displaying assertiveness by doing nothing including avoiding accidental intimidation of others.


The learning process is a combination of instructor led presentations augmented by practical examples and case studies which allow participants to obtain hands on experience of using confident, effective and assertive communication styles to good effect. Participants will also be provided with opportunities to prepare and plan for communications in a variety of scenarios using case study material provided as part of the course material.
The learning process is highly interactive, it responds to the real needs of participants and support materials such as case studies can be adapted to the needs of the participant group where this will be of benefit to all.

Number of Participants:

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