Acoustics (Dry Lining Systems)

Training Course Information

A one-day course undertaken in the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy, Dublin. This one day course provides attendees with an overview of the key characteristics of sound performance and measurement assessed within buildings, with specific focus on how to specify, detail and achieve required sound performances using internal drylining systems. Attendees will be briefed on the common design and site issues that may cause detrimental performances and gain appreciation for specifications and workmanship detailing that help to provide high quality low risk solutions.

Attendance Requirements

Attendees are expected to have a basic knowledge of construction principles.

Key Topics

  • Fundamental principles of sound and its measurement
  • Differences between airborne and impact sound in buildings
  • How to design for sound insulation solutions
  • The effect of site detailing and workmanship
  • The control of sound within a room
  • Key regulations and guidance
Date Course title Location
1st February Acoustics Dublin Academy
10th April Acoustics Kingscourt Academy
2nd May Acoustics Dublin Academy
3rd July Acoustics Kingscourt Academy
11th September Acoustics Dublin Academy
9th October Acoustics Dublin Academy
6th November Acoustics Dublin Academy

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