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Construction Industry Training – a Business Essential

The importance of appropriate training to the construction industry has never been greater than it is today. In a challenging economic climate, construction sites need to operate with maximum speed and efficiency; skills and technical knowledge must be continually developed and updated; and on-site health and safety impact not only on the welfare of the workforce, but also on the success of the project. Effective construction training courses are therefore a vital part of the business plan for every size and type of enterprise in the industry.

BCAR Online Training Programme – Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014

The Building Control Act 1990 introduced building regulations. This was followed by a statutory instrument, the Building Control Regulations in 1997. The object of the 1990 Act and the 1997 Regulations and subsequent amendments was to achieve minimum standards in building practice in relation to design and construction methods. Historically, the policing of the process has relied on a self-assessment model involving builders and professionals who provided opinions on compliance.

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