Air Tightness Course Offered as Collaboration Between CIF and CDETB


Air Tightness Course A new construction training course focusing on air tightness is being led as a collaborative effort by the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). The course offers everything you can expect from a CIF course, as it has been devised to meet the requirements of the Irish construction sector. It has been tailored to offer information that has tangible real-world benefits.

The course will start out with an overview of thermal performance, the process of modelling the energy transfer between a building and the things surrounding it. This will be followed by an introduction to air and wind tightness. There will be a brief coffee break at this time so participants can enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

Upon returning, the next topic will involve a demonstration of a site leakage test, which is used to improve air tightness of a building. This will be followed up by a presentation of the materials used in air tightness, along with discussion about the many practical applications of the process. At this time, attendees may leave to enjoy a lunch break.

The last section of the day will be spent learning more about the theory of air tightness and how to calculate it. A demonstration of an air tightness test for building regulations and certification will round out the day. A question and answer session will be available for those who require further information.

The new course will run a full day and attendees may be awarded six Structured CIRI CPD points. To find out more or book a spot, contact Robert Butler at 01 4066071. The course fee will be expected to be paid at the time of booking and runs €165.00 for CIF members and €215.00 for non-members.

Abrasive Wheels Training Course from CIF


Abrasive Wheels Training Course The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is now providing many new construction training courses in various subject areas. One of the most exciting new classes is the abrasive wheels course, which covers a plethora of information related to the use of abrasive wheels on non-precision machines.

New CIF Learning and Development Programmes


Building Regulations

Air Tightness

A Collaboration between CIF and CDETB covering an overview of Thermal Performance, Air and Wind Tightness, Demonstrations, Calculations, Building regulations and Certification.

Radon Prevention Measures on Site

This programme is targeted directly at General Operative and Site Foremen who install Radon barrier systems. The programme has two structured CIRI CPD points for attendance.

Temporary Works General Awareness Programme

This one day course is designed to provide training for those involved in the temporary works process but who are not undertaking the role of Temporary Works Co-ordination or Supervisor as defined in BS5975:2008 + A1:2011.

Business Solutions

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Group Workshop

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly being used in organisations and companies to help employees understand better how to be more effective in their work relationships and in client/customer interactions. EI is about how well you recognize and manage your emotions, how well you interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how you use this knowledge to manage your relationships with others.

Construction Safety Matters


Construction workers may find that the work environment is sometimes dangerous. There are many ways in which construction safety can be compromised, resulting in someone being injured. The four largest causes of construction worker deaths include falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught in or between objects or machinery.

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