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Mental Health & Wellbeing

This recorded webinar was facilitated by Darren Gavin, Corporate Relationship Manager with Laya Healthcare on 29th April 2020.

Building Regulations Fire

This fire safety briefing is relevant to construction personnel concerned with Technical Guidance Document B Fire Safety & Volume 2 Dwellings, with a specific focus on Passive Fire Protection. The briefing is tailored to provide answers to building regulation queries for Fire Safety including those concerned with the newly implemented volume 2 Dwellings which came into effect as of 30th June 2017. The specific area of fire stopping, its design, installation, specification and certification is addressed to provide designers, supervisors and certifiers a greater understanding of the concerns being experienced on site.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Lorraine Valentine, Regulatory Compliance & Information Security Specialist for CIF/CPAS provides an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR will replace existing data protection legislation on the 25th May 2018 and is designed to safeguard data protection rights for individuals. GDPR has the potential for significant impact for those who manage personal data including all organisations in the construction industry.

Increased Costs Recovery in Public and Private Sector Contracts

Rising costs and mechanisms for their recovery on construction projects is a contentious issue for all those involved. In this presentation Mr. Anthony Hussey (Hussey Fraser Solicitors) and Mr. Enda O’Keefe (Maples) address differing perspectives in relation to the recovery of labour costs arising from the introduction of the Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) in October 2017.

Management of Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) in Construction

Silica is one of the most common substances on earth and crystalline silica is found widely in rocks, sands and clays – the raw material for many construction products. Fine dust is generated from cutting / grinding silica containing materials which creates a high respiratory risk to construction workers. Inhaling RCS can lead to serious health effects such as silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer. In this webinar, Kevin Williams of ARCO discusses the potential health issues arising from exposure and provides practical advice for construction site workers, including use of PPE.

Use of Cameras in Construction

Join Vinnie Quinn of Evercam Construction Cameras for this CIF webinar to demonstrate the use of cameras in construction and to discuss the best means to utilise a site camera. Evercam Construction Cameras provide camera coverage at many sites across Ireland and the UK to record exactly what happened, throughout project timelines.

Use of Excess Soil and Stone from Construction - A Legal Perspective

Join Dr Yvonne Scannell of Arthur Cox Solicitors to discuss the classification and notification of soil and stone as a by-product in the context of Article 27 of the European Communities (Waste Directive) Regulations 2011.

Use of Excess Soil and Stone from Construction - A Consultancy Perspective

Malcolm Dowling, Principal Environmental Consultant with Verde Environmental Group discusses the viability and utilisation of Article 27 of the European Communities (Waste Directive) Regulations 2011 for the classification and notification of soil and stone as a by-product. Sample scenarios and alternatives to Article 27 are discussed in detail.

Stress Management

Overload of stress can be the cause of poor mental health, contributing to anxiety and potentially depression, if not addressed. This presentation by Florentine Loughney, Managing Director of F.L. Safety Training Limited outlines how to identify stress overload in ourselves and in others. Florentine also offers advice on how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

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Skin Protection for Outdoor Workers

Workers who spend most of their time outdoors are at risk of skin damage or even skin cancer. In Ireland, approximately 40,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, with skin cancer contributing to over 10,000 new cases. In this recorded webinar, Karen O’Connell of Deb Group Limited and Úna Delahunt of the Irish Cancer Society discuss the risks associated with skin exposure to the sun and provide some practical measures to ensure adequate protection.

Intoxicant Testing in the Workplace

This recorded webinar is presented by David O’Regan, Senior Business Development Executive Ireland with Randox Testing Services and deals with drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Randox Testing Services is a market leader in the drug and alcohol testing industry and a corporate member company of the CIF.

Working Safely at Height

The CIF has worked with Graham Akroyd of Select Access Safety Systems to provide a talk on the practical safety checks and precautions to be undertaken on equipment for "safely working at height".

Managing Vehicle Risks in Construction

Michael Walsh, Inspector - Transport Operations and Vehicle Risk Programme with the Health and Safety Authority provides a webinar on Managing Vehicle Risks in Construction.

Working Safely with Hazardous Substances

Paul O’Shea, on behalf of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), provides a webinar on the topic of hazardous substances in construction. A dangerous / hazardous substance in the workplace is deemed any substance, in gas, liquid or solid form, including aerosols, fumes and vapours, that poses a risk to workers’ health or safety. Examples include diesel exhaust emissions and silica dust.

Positive Mental Health

Pieta House provides a free, therapeutic approach for persons in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. Pauline Bergin, psychotherapist with Pieta House has recorded a webinar to explain the service offering, signs of suicidal behaviour and to provide tips for ensuring positive mental health.

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Location of Underground Services

Sean Mannion of Ward & Burke Construction Services outlines the essential considerations for the construction sector when locating underground services. Electricity, gas networks, water pipes, sewers, and telecommunication cables (if damaged), may pose a direct hazard to personnel in the nearby vicinity. Thorough investigations are required to locate potential utilities to enable identification of potential hazards and to ensure a safe system of work.

Smart Tips to Manage Your Money in 2018 and Beyond

Do you want to achieve any of the following?

  1. Maximise tax efficiencies available to you and increase your retirement savings?
  2. Secure your future even in the event that you are injured or ill?
  3. Protect your business?
If yes to any of the above, please listen to the Milestone Advisory Financial Future webinar for top tips and start your future proofing today!

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Mobile Plant Safety - Excavator

Clive Kelly takes you on a mobile plant safety walk-around of the 360 degree Excavator

Mobile Plant Safety - Forward Tipping Dumper

Clive Kelly takes you on a mobile plant safety walk-around of the Forward Tipping Dumper.

Mobile Plant Safety - Teleporter

Clive Kelly takes you on a mobile plant safety walk-around of the Teleporter

Mobile Plant Safety - Mini Digger

Clive Kelly takes you on a mobile plant safety walk-around of the Mini Digger.

HSA' Code of Practice for Access & Working Scaffolds

Michael Mc Donagh, Senior Inspector with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and Derrick Enright, outgoing Chair of the National Association of Scaffolding & Access Contractors (NASAC) summarise the most significant changes to the revised Code of Practice for Access & Working Scaffolds, as published by the HSA late 2018.

BIM Starter Pack for Contractors

This recorded breakfast briefing introduces the “BIM Starter Pack”, which was developed by the CIF Construction 4.0 BIM Working Group.

Use and Regulation of Drones in Construction

Steven Flynn, CEO of Skytango™ Ltd explains the use and regulation of Drones on construction sites, with a focus on safety, compliance and privacy issues.

Use of Microsoft Project in Construction

Paul Dolan, Lecturer in Project Management at Athlone Institute of Technology details the key stages involved in developing a realistic construction programme using Microsoft Project. A brief overview will be given of the software application itself, before a demonstration is provided on how to initiate the programme, insert tasks, assign durations and add network logic based on resource availability.

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Work Permits for Construction

Colm Hilliard, Director of Work Permits Ireland outlines the type of work permits available, and the application process to be followed, for persons outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) wishing to work in Ireland.

Temporary Traffic Management

Charlie Kerr, Director of Tobar Segais outlines recent changes to Temporary Traffic Management (TTM), including extensive changes to Chapter 8 of the Temporary Traffic Measures and Signs for Roadworks.

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Working Safely Near Overhead Electricity Networks

Arthur Byrne, Public Safety Manager with ESB Networks and Mark Madigan, Senior Safety and Health Manager with ESB Networks have recorded an online webinar on the updated Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Overhead Electricity Lines, which came into effect in May 2019.

How to Conduct a Health and Safety Audit

Robert Butler, Head of Learning & Development with CIF has recorded a webinar to guide the undertaking of Site Audits and Inspections.

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Construction Sector C-19 Pandemic SOP

This recorded webinar was facilitated by Dermot Carey - Director of Safety & Training, CIF on 27th April 2020.

C-19 Compliance Officer

This recorded webinar was facilitated by Sinead Gaines - EHS Manager, P.J. Hegarty & Sons to outline the role of the C-19 Compliance Officer in the context of construction.

IHBA Covid 19- Remobilisation Webinar 13.05.2020

All members are advised to continue planning and implementation of the necessary measures and protocols that will facilitate the safe phased recommencement of work on sites from May 18th. I would encourage all members to consult and assess all aspects of their supply chains to evaluate future challenges when returning to work and operating with what will be the new norm. The webinar contains first-hand guidance of the measures and protocols member companies are putting in place.

Innovation in Construction - Using Cameras to Reduce Site Visits and Establish Best Practices for Social Distancing

Vinnie Quinn, Evercam Construction Timelapse explains how cameras allow for remote management of sites, reduced movement onsite and may be effective for documenting compliance with social distancing for COVID-19.

‘Build Health’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Programme

Darren Gavin, Corporate Relationship Manager with Laya Healthcare outlines the partnership agreement between the CIF, Laya Healthcare and Spectrum Life that enables CIF members (and their families) to avail of a tailored Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Programme entitled ‘Build Health – A Strong Foundation for a Healthy Life’.

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Load Securing of Construction Plant and Attachments

This video outlines best practice for safe loading, load securing and transportation of construction plant and was developed in conjunction with the HSA, Gills Driving School, Coffey Group, Ward & Burke, EPS, Murphy and Glan Agua.

COVID-19 Construction Considerations - Part 0 (March 2020)

A webinar was recorded for CIF Members in March 2020 to reflect 'COVID-19 Construction Considerations'. This webinar coincided with the emergence of the pandemic in Ireland and includes contributions from:

  • Martin Lang, Director, Main Contracting, CIF
  • Philip Crampton, Chairman, CIF Procurement, Tendering & Contractual Matters Subcommittee
  • Tom Parlon, Director General, CIF
  • Siobhan Kenny, Construction Lawyer, Eugene F. Collins Solicitors
  • Dermot Carey, Director, Safety & Training, CIF
  • Jean Winters, Director, Industrial Relations and Employment Services, CIF

COVID-19 Construction Considerations - Update June 2020 - Part 1

A webinar was recorded in four strategic parts for CIF Members in June 2020 to reflect 'COVID-19 Construction Considerations'. Part 1 is entitled ‘Introduction, Context and Engagement’ and is kindly facilitated by:

  • Paul Sheridan, Director, Main Contracting, CIF
  • Philip Crampton, Chairman, CIF Procurement, Tendering & Contractual Matters Subcommittee
  • Siobhan Kenny, Construction Lawyer, Eugene F. Collins Solicitors

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COVID-19 Construction Considerations - Update June 2020 - Part 2

A webinar was recorded in four strategic parts for CIF Members in June 2020 to reflect 'COVID-19 Construction Considerations'Part 2 is entitled ‘Claims Procedures, Impact of Covid-19 on Time and Cost’ and is kindly facilitated by Siobhan Kenny, Construction Lawyer, Eugene F. Collins Solicitors.

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COVID-19 Construction Considerations - Update June 2020 - Part 3

A webinar was recorded in four parts for CIF Members in June 2020 to reflect 'COVID-19 Construction Considerations'Part 3 is entitled ‘Contracts Not Yet Awarded / Future Contracts’ and is kindly facilitated by Siobhan Kenny, Construction Lawyer, Eugene F. Collins Solicitors.

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COVID-19 Construction Considerations - Update June 2020 - Part 4

A webinar was recorded for CIF Members in June 2020 to reflect 'COVID-19 Construction Considerations'. Part 4 is entitled ‘Contractors Contracting’ and is kindly facilitated by John Farage O’Brien, Principal Consultant, John Farage O’Brien.

GDPR Training for Site Managers

Peter Quigley, EHSS Manager for Wills Bros Limited will outline a practitioner’s approach for managing Covid-19 controls in a construction setting.  Employers are obligated to adhere to public health guidelines during the pandemic; this includes facilitation of self-declarations for absence of symptoms / contact with a suspected or confirmed case, and for contact tracing. Such measures must be taken whilst respecting proper management protocols for personal data.  

Skin Cancer Prevention for Outdoor Workers (July 2020)

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland with over 11,000 cases diagnosed annually. The presentation aims to:

  • To raise awareness of outdoor workers as a key target audience for skin cancer prevention
  • To provide a focused approach to skin cancer messaging in relation to outdoor workers
  • To support employers with consistent standardised key messages on skin cancer prevention to use in the workplace
  • To share what workers and workplaces can do to prevent skin cancer?
  • Kevin O’Hagan, Cancer Prevention Manager, Irish Cancer Society
  • Dr. Barbara McGrogan, Research Scientist, National Cancer Control Programme
  • Lynn Swinburne, Senior Health Promotion Officer, National Screening Service

Combating COVID-19 in Construction (Prof. Pete Lunn, ESRI)

Professor Pete Lunn is the founder and head of the Economic & Social Research Institute (ESRI) Behavioural Research Unit. A behavioural economist, he holds degrees in Philosophy & Psychology, Neuroscience and Economics. Pete is on NPHET's sub-committee on behavioural science and will share his insight as to how individuals and the population are responding to COVID-19. This training will benefit all but particularly those in supervisory positions who seek to influence safe working behaviours.  

IHBA Autumn Regional Housing Workshop 2020

On 16th September 2020, the Irish Home Builders Association (IHBA) hosted a virtual sitting of its Regional Housing Autumn Workshop, kindly sponsored by Bank of Ireland.  Topics covered included: how to improve supply and affordability, budgetary and fiscal measures, planning and development, building regulations, sectoral employment order, and development finance.

Tax Returns 101 - Expert advice on how COVID-19 could influence your 2020 returns

Consumer Tax Manager at, Marian Ryan and Irish Tax Expert, Peter Bogdanov discuss how COVID-19 may influence your tax return and outline the credits and deductions you should be claiming to reduce your tax liability. Topics covered include:
  • Self-Assessment (SA)
  • Relevent Contract Tax (RCT)
  • Credits and Deductions
  • Expenses
  • Non-resident Individuals

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CIF Design Challenge: 'A Home for Everyone' - Guidance for Members

Is your company interested in promoting the Construction Sector to Senior Cycle, 2nd Level students in your locality? CIF's Design Challenge entitled 'A Home for Everyone' has been officially launched into Secondary Schools, Community Colleges and Youthreach Centres.  You are asked to provide assistance to students to complete their competition entry by sharing the skills you have built up during your career. This webinar has been designed to provide you with an outline of what is required from you. Additional information is available on the CIF webpage:

Resilience and Dealing with Uncertainty (COVID-19)

Today we will talk about the struggles that are happening for all us in our lives and how we can use our own Resilience in Uncertainty. We will discuss fear of the unknown and tips for building resources and coping mechanisms. Pauline Bergin. s.m.i.a.h.i.p. Dip. Psych. Dip Supervision. Dip Mindfulness

Managing Safety in Construction through the C-19 Pandemic

The focus of this CIF webinar, recorded during Construction Safety Week 2020, was on the challenges, and lessons learned, of managing a business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributors include (in alphabetical order): Brian Sheehan (Irish Water), Derek Murphy (Designer Group), Dermot Carey (CIF), Gerry Keane (Walls Construction),  Joe O'Dwyer (Collen Construction), Mark Madigan (ESB Networks), Shane Dempsey (CIF), Sinead Gaines (PJ Hegarty & Sons), Wayne Metcalfe (John Sisk and Son).

Practical Ergonomic Risk Assessment in Construction

Held in conjunction with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), this webinar will focus on practical ergonomic risk assessment tools that can be used to identify and manage risks of musculoskeletal disorders in the Construction Sector.

Safe Working with Ladders

This webinar was kindly facilitated by Hugh Grennan, MDAL Safety Solutions Ltd. during Construction Safety Week 2020 and aims to outline safe working practices with ladders.

Guide to I.S. 10101: 2020 National Rules for Electrical Installations

This digital training module has been developed by the Electrical Contractors’ Association, in conjunction with METAC Training and the CIF, based on the needs of electrical contractors. The aim is to make this electronic module widely available to the full industry, to be delivered with as little disruption to working projects as possible. The development of this program will specifically assist electrical chargehands, foremen, supervisors and others with a responsibility for electrical installers to provide in-house training and toolbox talks that are focused on the changes a contractor needs to know about. This programme was supported with funding from the Electrical Industries Federation of Ireland. Course Content: 00:00 - Chapter 0:  Introduction / 13:36 - Chapter 1:  Scope and Fundamental Principles / 17:50 - Chapter 2:  Definitions / 20:49 - Chapter 3:  General Characteristics / 28:30 - Chapter 4:  Protection for Safety / 59:29 - Chapter 5:  Selection and Erection of Equipment / 1:38:19 - Chapter 6:  Verification and Certification / 2:28:30 - Chapter 7:  Special Installations or Locations / 2:35:52 - Chapter 8:  Energy Efficiency / 2:40:14 - Chapter 9:  Electronic Access to IS 10101:2020

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European Vocational Skills Week & Benefits of Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Why & How Employers Can Get Involved!

Week commencing the 9th of November 2020 was European Vocational Skills Week, and Brendan Kearns (Director of Designer Group and Member of the CIF Education, Training & Skills Committee) has been selected as the Irish Ambassador for the event. The purpose of this webinar was to discuss the benefits of getting involved in apprenticeships and traineeships, and to explain how can companies can get involved. Panellists include: Brendan Kearns, Director, Designer Group and Irish Ambassador for European Vocational Skills Week / David Tracey, Training Centre Manager, John Sisk & Son Ltd. / Dermot Carey, Director of Safety & Training, CIF / John O'Shaughnessy, Managing Director, Clancy Construction & Chair of CIF Education, Training & Skills Committee / Mary-Liz Trant, Executive Director, SOLAS / Padraig Boland, Training Manager, Laois and Offaly ETB / Ray English, Head of Section, TUD and Delegate to WorldSkills International / Sean Mannion, SHEQ Manager, Ward & Burke Construction Ltd.

Emergency Preparedness - with ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland

As operators of essential national utility services (electricity and gas), Gas Networks Ireland and ESB Networks provide a 24/7 emergency response when incidents take place as a result of construction activities.  To help everyone involved in construction to prevent these incidents and to be able to react safely if they do occur, ESB Networks and Gas Networks Ireland hosted a live webinar during Construction Safety Week 2020 on incident prevention and emergency preparedness.  The expert panel of presenters include Owen Wilson, Safety Manager Gas Networks Ireland; Mark Madigan, Health and Safety Manager, ESB Networks; Brian Flynn, Gas Technical Competency Training Manager; Arthur Byrne, Public Safety Manager, ESB Networks.

Rapid, Affordable and Convenient Saliva-Based RT-qPCR Testing for COVID-19

Join HealthWatch and other stakeholders for a recorded webinar to explain the HealthWatch RT-qPCR Saliva Testing for rapid detection of COVID-19. Established in 1997, HealthWatch is Ireland’s leading independent provider of Health and Lifestyle Screening Programmes in the workplace.

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CLEVERTRACE' Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Solution

Join Stuart Killeen and Ian Grimes for an explanation of the CLEVERTRACE wearable wristband offering that briefly vibrates to notify wearers that another band is within 2 metres, reminding them of the need to maintain social distance. It may be deployed at a job site or workplace to help ensure a safe physical distance is maintained for risk of COVID-19, proximity to mobile plant equipment etc.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Fatigue

Join Pauline Bergin (Accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor) and Sinéad Whelan (Lighthouse Club Charity Ambassador) for a recorded webinar on the topic of 'COVID-19 Pandemic Fatigue' and the relevant supports available.

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