Air Tightness in Construction – Eight Fascinating Facts

Emarkable 05/02/2018

When it comes to building houses and business premises, modern construction practices demand energy efficiency to comply with building & environmental legislation.  The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government is the lead Department […]

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The Appliance of Compliance

Emarkable 29/01/2018

Demonstrating compliance is a vital issue for the construction industry in Ireland. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2013 (BCAR or SI9) which came into force in March 2014 outline the statutory and regulatory requirements […]

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Soft Skills – What’s it all About?

Emarkable 15/01/2018

You may have heard the term “soft skills” being used in recent years and many of us aren’t quite sure what soft skills are so today we have a full explanation for you.  Basically, […]

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The Virtues of Virtual Learning

Emarkable 08/01/2018

With the advent of the internet, education is changing rapidly and radically.  Computers make it easier for students to take notes, write essays, complete papers and present their work in a legible fashion.  The […]

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Construction Industry Federation – What’s it all About?

Emarkable 02/01/2018

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is the Irish construction industry’s representative body which provides its members with a broad range of services which include: Health and Safety Recruitment and Training Engagement with Government, Statutory […]

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NEW CIF Training Schedule 2018

Emarkable 15/12/2017

2018 is almost upon us and CIF have released the 2018 schedule of Construction Training courses available with CIF This schedule of construction training courses offered by CIF in 2018 is the result of […]

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Principles of Prevention in Construction

Emarkable 10/11/2017

One of the major duties of the Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP) is taking a full account of the nine principles of prevention. This is when the Principles of Prevention in Construction […]

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