CIF Core Safety Management Programme Renewal

Emarkable 14/03/2018

For those who work in the field of health and safety, especially health and safety in the workplace, staying up to date with developments within construction safety is a vital part of delivering an […]

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The Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace

Emarkable 09/03/2018

The benefits of teamwork apply across all industries – some jobs simply cannot be done alone, whilst others will be enhanced by the efforts of more people. Individuals all have their own strengths, their […]

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Construction Industry Environmental Management Training

Emarkable 27/02/2018

Construction activity in the 21st Century is subject to environmental legislation as EU Directives drive significant changes to Irish legislation. The construction sector needs to play their part in collaborating to protect our environments […]

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Assertive Communication Skills for Managers

Emarkable 07/02/2018

Assertiveness is a skill that’s regularly referred to in social and communication skills training. Managers and business owners are regularly being advised that improving their personal and interpersonal skills will benefit their career and/or […]

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