Safety Duty holder Questions Answered – Safety Officer & Safety Advisor


What are the duties of a Safety Officer on a construction site?

The Safety Officer should:

  • be familiar with the relevant safety and health legislation which affects the types of construction work being carried out
  • have the ability to identify hazards and assess risks on construction sites
  • be capable of advising the contractor on the most appropriate control measures and systems of work in order to minimise risk
  • be able to communicate the safety and health requirements to managers, supervisors and workers on sites
  • if assigned other duties the contractor must ensure that these other duties do not prevent the safety officer from carrying out his/her duties as safety officer in an efficient manner

When Should a Safety Officer be Appointed?

A contractor who has normally more than 20 employees on a site, or 30 engaged in construction on various sites, must appoint a competent safety officer to advise and supervise adherence to safety and health requirements.

Safety Adviser

When Should a Safety Adviser be appointed?

The PSCS should appoint in writing a competent full-time safety adviser when there is normally more than 100 persons on a construction site at any one time engaged in construction work.

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