IMI Leadership Development Programme for Construction and Engineering

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IMI Leadership Development Programme for Construction and Engineering

The Construction and Engineering sector is ‘ripe for disruption’ (McKinsey 2017). Excellence in leadership is the cornerstone of success in this scenario. The global infrastructure industry faces both internal challenges, such as talent shortages, and external pressures, such as keeping pace with technology advancements. Today’s leaders are expected to actively engage with uncertainty, while continuing to build trust in their organisations and give stability to their people. A future-fit leader will see the environment that unsettles others and dive right into it, seeing both the difficulties and the possibilities. Visionary leaders blend strategic insight with operational excellence and personal impact to lead their companies to the winner’s podium.

This 12-day programme, tailored specifically for the Construction and Engineering Sector, helps to build future-ready leaders by leveraging best business practice, latest thinking and world-class faculty.

This Programme is for Senior Managers:

  • Who aspire to Director level within construction and engineering companies.
  • Who want to broaden and deepen their business, people and personal leadership capabilities in readiness for this role change.
  • Who are in organisations to scale nationally and internationally.


This programme will help you to:

1. ANALYSE your company’s current strategic context. Learn how to evaluate your organisation’s capabilities to propose strategic and business level initiatives that position the company for sustained business success.

2. ARTICULATE the importance of leadership. Develop your ability to role model the values, behaviours and capabilities that are pivotal to success in the sector and cascade the practice of these skills throughout the leadership team.

3. BUILD EXCELLENCE into your own practice of leadership. Apply the insights from your leadership self-assessment, coaching sessions and personal leadership development plan to transform your personal leadership capability.

4. BUILD KEY LEADERSHIP capabilities around:

  • Analysing the commercial sustainability and business “health” of your organisation.
  • Making effective business decisions.
  • Fostering high performance in individuals, teams within your organisation.
  • Enhancing your impact, presence and company reputation among key stakeholders.
  • Managing and developing clients and building a brand that inspires trust and loyalty.
  • Identifying areas of business growth and optimising new opportunities.

5. LEARN to influence and ignite the power of diversity and inclusion to drive performance.


By undertaking this 12-month development journey, you will dramatically enhance your practical leadership skills, awareness, impact and judgement. You will become a more confident, well-rounded and inspirational leader – capable of handling the challenges of the current environment and leading your company to new levels of organisational and business performance.

This programme will:

  • Develop you as a leader who excels at building long-term productive business relationships.
  • Focus on strengthening your strategic, commercial and overall management capabilities.

Programme Structure

  • The programme will use a facilitated workshop approach to explore and discuss key themes and questions.
  • A series of guest speaker sessions will be included in the programme. These will include personal leadership narratives by experienced leaders and masterclasses on emerging topics of interest to leaders.
  • Examples, scenarios and cases from the sector and beyond will be used to illustrate key learnings and stimulate group discussion.
  • The leader will also be asked to complete a high-level organisational capability audit as part of the programme.
  • Opportunities to meet and network with industry peers.

To register your interest in this programme please email:  Call 1800 22 33 88

IMI Leadership Development Programme for Construction Engineering 2018