How Live Classroom Training with Modern Technology Can Benefit Construction Firms


For construction firms, the need to invest in high-quality training is significant. However, it can be challenging to choose the right training provider and the right education platform. Traditional classroom learning and conventional online learning are both available, but they both carry with them a number of drawbacks. Live classroom training based on modern digital technology may be the answer.

This type of safety training provides all the benefits of a traditional classroom setting, without the obvious drawbacks, such as having to travel potentially significant distances to a learning area located far from the construction company’s premises. It also combines the benefits primarily associated with online training, without the drawbacks involved with not having access to a live instructor.

Live classroom training based on modern Internet technology allows entire classrooms to connect with credentialed instructors, and even share documents in real-time, from remote locations. This means students need never travel to a distant classroom, nor will they struggle to master concepts or materials without access to a human teacher.

What’s more, this type of training can also benefit the construction company itself in many ways. For instance, if the company was to sponsor training for existing workers, the costs of live classroom training would be lower than other options. It could also be conducted virtually anywhere within the company’s facility, from a conference room to individual workstations, ensuring no special accommodations need to be made and reducing the cost and complexity involved with arranging for safety training.

At CIF Training, we deliver accredited, high-quality safety training for construction workers and managers. Our live classroom option provides significant benefits to a range of construction firms. However, we can also offer training at your location if that is necessary. We invite you to contact us today to learn more.

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