Construction Safety Equipment: Understanding the “Must Have” Items


Construction safety begins with training and education, but the right equipment is also necessary. Some types of equipment may be provided by the workers themselves, but construction companies must also toe the line and ensure that other types of safety equipment are present. What are the most important considerations?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Personal protective equipment may be purchased by the worker or may be supplied by the construction firm. This equipment includes a range of types, but all are designed for the personal protection of the individual worker. Examples include steel-toe shoes, hardhats, safety glasses or face shields, gloves, and earplugs or over the ear protective devices. Safety vests are also important to include here and should be made from highly visible and/or reflective material.

Worksite Safety Equipment:

In addition to PPE, which may be purchased by the worker, the construction company must also provide safety equipment to protect workers. Fall protection devices are among the most important. A range of types can be found, but all work on the premise of a tether that connects to a safety vest or harness and prevents workers from falling from a height.

Other types of safety equipment that will prove invaluable include winches

These can be used to haul workers back to a position of safety should a fall from a height occur. Note that winches should be combined with full body harnesses to be effective, and not with safety vests alone.

Finally, ladder and scaffolding tethers or supports are also important.

These work to secure ladders and scaffolding while workers are using them, further helping to prevent injuries from falls.

Not only is it important for safety equipment to be present and used, but workers must know how to use safety equipment properly. CIF Training offers industry-leading construction safety training to ensure a safe, legally-compliant worksite.

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