6 Ways Construction Managers Can Improve Safety on the Worksite

CIF Training, 01/11/2018 Latest News

6 Ways Construction Managers Can Improve Safety on the Worksite

When it comes to worksite safety, construction managers face a wide range of challenges. The construction segment remains one of the most dangerous industries in Ireland, but managers can use a few simple methods to decrease risk for workers.

1. Training: Perhaps the most important method to improve safety is to ensure that workers are fully trained in worksite safety through an accredited programme.

2. Create a Safety Committee: You can accomplish a lot more where safety is concerned if you bring your workers in on it. Create a safety committee from the workers, and give them both accountability and a voice.

 3.Set Expectations: As a construction manager, it’s crucial that you set expectations for safety equipment, protective equipment, safety practices and more. This must be done early on in the project.

4. Use Modern Technology: Modern technology gives you a wide range of ways of assessing the safety and emerging threats within the worksite, including the use of drones to view the area from the air. Use those tools to your advantage.

5. Hold Daily Safety Meetings: While some may see meetings as a waste of time, regular safety meetings show your team that you take safety seriously, provide a means for your workers to voice concerns or ask questions, and a format in which information can be delivered easily and with less hassle.

6. Ensure Personal Protective Equipment Is Worn: As a construction manager, it’s imperative that your team understands the importance of wearing personal protective equipment. Safety goggles, helmets, safety vests and the like must be worn at all times. It’s also your responsibility to ensure that there are ample equipment supplies to protect all workers at all times.

At CIF Training, we can provide you with the training and education necessary to bolster and maintain construction worksite safety. We invite you to learn more.