5 Safety Tips for Construction Management

CIF Training, 16/10/2018 Latest News

5 Safety Tips for Construction Management

As a construction manager, you are responsible for many things, including worker safety while on the job site. That can be difficult to ensure and will require education and training. However, a few simple tips can also help make your job easier.

1. Demonstrate the Danger of Safety Lapses Graphically – It’s all well and good to talk about the dangers of using equipment improperly, but it may not get your point across all the time. Use props to make those dangers more apparent. Fill a rubber glove with red jelly and toss it into one of the more dangerous machines on your site. The result will impress the need for safety.

2. Plan Ahead – As a construction manager, planning is part of your day-to-day responsibilities. However, it’s important that you plan the entire job far enough ahead that you can arrange for training on specifics involved with this particular job for your workers before the project gets underway.

3. Promote Cleaning – It’s everyone’s job to clean up after themselves (and each other) while on the job site. Promote this, and then enforce it. Cleanliness is the first step toward better safety for everyone involved.

 4. Reward Good Safety Behaviours – You need to enforce safety rules at all times, but that can lead to a situation in which it’s all stick and no carrot. Build your workers up by rewarding good safety behaviours when you spot them.

 5. Watch for Changes – Work sites are dynamic places, and safety issues can change daily. Be vigilant and watch for these changes, and then create a plan to handle those changes and to communicate changes to safety protocols or processes to your workers.

Education and training are the largest hurdles to good workplace safety. We invite you to learn how CIF can help protect you and your workers.