4 Reasons Safety Training for Construction Workers Is Essential

CIF Training, 25/09/2018 Latest News

4 Reasons Safety Training for Construction Workers Is Essential

In the past, the construction industry was one of the least regulated in Ireland. If you could swing a hammer with any accuracy, chances were good that you could land a job, without any need for training or education. Today, that is not the case, although it can be difficult for some to realise the importance of safety training for construction workers. Here are four reasons that such training is essential.

Accidents Are Common

The construction industry is in the top three most dangerous industries in Ireland, although it has become safer with the increasing focus on education, training, and safety precautions. Some of the more common causes of accidents in the industry include slips and falls, falling from a height, loss of control of equipment, and more.Accidents Are Costly

It’s tempting to think that the cost of workplace accidents is primarily to the injured worker, but the truth is that everyone must bear the brunt of that cost. A single injury could cause a worker to miss two or more weeks of work. The employer must either work shorthanded or take the time to hire a replacement, which means additional time getting them onboard and on track.

Legal Compliance

There’s also the fact that the Irish government require training for workers in the construction industry. Without providing that training, or hiring workers who have completed their training on their own, leaves construction firms in danger of fines and legal penalties for noncompliance.

Safety Training Saves Time, Money and Lives

Finally, safety training saves time, money and lives. While the construction industry might no longer be as dangerous as it once was decades ago, it still experiences one of the highest rates of worker fatalities in the nation.

When it comes to training, accreditation and quality are major concerns. CIF Training delivers industry-best construction safety training for workers, managers, and more.