3 Overlooked Safety Issues That Plague the Construction Industry

CIF Training, 15/09/2018 Latest News

3 Overlooked Safety Issues That Plague the Construction Industry

Ireland’s construction industry is sometimes recognised as one of the most dangerous segments of the nation’s economy. However, it need not be so. Addressing Construction Safety Training concerns with appropriate tools, knowledge, and training can not only mitigate the risks but can ensure better safety and health for workers. Below, we’ll discuss three of the most overlooked safety issues in this industry.

Fire Safety:

One of the most often overlooked areas of safety on the construction worksite is fire safety. It is mandatory that fire extinguishers be present and easily accessible on the worksite. Without access to inspected, properly functioning extinguishers, minor fires can quickly become serious blazes that cause a significant amount of damage to the structure under construction, building materials, and even equipment and workers.

Ladder Safety:

Ladder safety is another area that is often overlooked by workers and construction managers. The incorrect use of portable ladders can lead to falls and broken bones, as well as head and neck injuries. All ladders should be properly secured at all times when in use, and they should be positioned correctly to ensure safety. Ladders should never be used when another type of equipment, such as scaffolding, is better suited.

Scaffolding Safety:

Finally, scaffolding safety is also frequently overlooked. Any workers on scaffolding should be properly secured and should have completed appropriate accredited training. It is also important for all scaffolding to be outfitted with guardrails to help reduce the chance of accidents, and for all scaffolding to be properly erected and secured.

Perhaps the most critical element missing in today’s construction industry is training – CIF can help. We offer accredited, high-quality construction safety construction safety training  programmes designed to help reduce risk and improve safety for all people on the worksite.