3 Critical Considerations for Construction Site Safety

CIF Training, 06/09/2018 Latest News

3 Critical Considerations for Construction Site Safety

While safety is a vital issue in all industries, it is of particular importance in the construction segment. Machine and tool-related injuries, falls, injuries due to scaffolding collapses, and myriad other threats exist. Below, we’ll discuss three of the most critical considerations for construction site safety.

Worker and Management Training:

Perhaps the single most important consideration for all of the construction industry is the investment in worker and management training. With access to an accredited, high-quality training programme, workers and managers are able to self-regulate the safety of the construction site, identify safety issues before injuries or accidents occur, and ensure better protection for everyone working on or visiting the site.

Fall Protection Equipment:

Many construction sites involve working at heights, whether this is plastering while on stilts, working on scaffolding, or working in exposed sections of high-rise buildings. Fall protection equipment is a vital investment for all construction firms. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. A careful analysis of workplace specifics, number of workers, securement methods best utilised on the site, and other criteria must be considered prior to investing in any fall protection equipment.

Equipment Maintenance and Inspections:

While many accidents and injuries occur due to poor safety practices and a lack of trained, managerial safety oversight, there is the fact that faulty equipment can also play a role. All equipment should be regularly inspected for necessary repairs or signs that replacement may be needed, and regular maintenance should be performed to ensure safe, reliable operation of that equipment.

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