Put the Power of PRINCE2 into your Career in Construction

CIF Training, 29/08/2018 Latest News

Put the Power of PRINCE2 into your Career in Construction

The construction industry has some of the most wide-ranging career options available with jobs encompassing a variety of different disciplines, both practical and organisational.  When it comes to managing a successful building project, the overall responsibility for success lies with the Project Manager who will need the knowledge and experience necessary to oversee a busy and rapidly changing project.  So, how do you prepare for a construction career in project management?

You can complete a course in construction project management and get an entry-level project management job (as a junior project manager or other project team member) and gain some experience or training in a specialised field in order to move up the career ladder. Eventually, after additional training and qualifications, you can move into a senior or lead project management position.

If you already work in the industry and have gained hands-on experience of the job, you may be thinking of moving into project management – after all, you have valuable knowledge and experience that you can bring to future managerial positions, even if you don’t have many academic qualifications.  A certificate in project management will allow you to move your career on to the next level, bringing with you a host of practical skills and a deep understanding of on-site aspects of any project.

Whether you want to start your career in the project management side of construction or whether you’re already working in the industry and have been taking on more responsibilities, a PRINCE2 certificate will supply you with the confidence you need to boost your career for the future.  You’ll learn all you need to know about the most important aspects of project management:

  • Project Organisation
  • Planning
  • Project Control
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Control
  • Change Control and Configuration Management
  • Processes

CIF Training’s PRINCE2 course takes only three days to complete and will provide you with a practical understanding of project management methods.  The course follows the standard syllabus of the PRINCE2 Examinations Board which focuses on the PRINCE2 framework and how to apply it to real construction projects in a practical manner. You’ll be able to take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam at the end of the course and gain a PRINCE2 Certificate, a formal recognition of your skills and knowledge that will put you on the path to success as you progress your career to the next level.