Reinforce Onsite Operations with Health and Safety Training


Construction company owners and supervisors have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves, employees and any other person who may be affected by work activities onsite.  Accidents and poor health represent “hidden” costs for businesses in lost time, lost skills, increased insurance premiums and, in some cases, legal proceedings which can result in hefty fines.  No matter how small your building business is, safety management is an essential part of operations.

When it comes to managing risks on a construction site, safety training is the most effective tool at your disposal to ensure success.  Maintaining a safe worksite is the responsibility of the primary contractor or construction company owner who has a duty of care towards everybody on site.  Compliance with the stringent health and safety in the workplace regulations is a legal obligation that cannot be avoided and training workers to comply with legislation and adopt best practices is the most effective method of ensuring compliance.

Investing in health and safety training for employees is a powerful way to ensure the safety of employees and promote the future safety of your business operations.  Making a commitment to train staff in health and safety will result in the following benefits for your business.

  • A reduction in the risk of accidents in the workplace.
  • Confidence that your company complies with health and safety in the workplace regulations which avoids the possibility of the heavy fines that now result from non-compliance.
  • An improvement in staff morale and motivation as your employees will feel as if they are valued stakeholders in your business.  This will improve productivity on all levels, lowering your operating costs.
  • A reduction in absenteeism.
  • Enhanced staff retention – employees who feel valued by their employer are far more likely to remain with that employer than to seek work elsewhere.

Construction company owners who want to ensure the future success of their business can do so by arranging health and safety training for employees.  This will allow you to adopt a culture of safety throughout all levels of the organisation, with all of your staff fully engaged in this process. A company that is known to provide good, safe working conditions and that values its employees by doing so is far more likely to attract qualified, highly skilled workers in the future.  

Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation protects both your employees and your business form the risks that come with non-compliance.  For the company owner, the financial costs of non-compliance and the potential fines handed down may act as a deterrent. However, the overwhelming costs that construction company owners may face in the wake of an accident or incident in the workplace can lead to liquidation in many cases.

Why not take a look at the health and safety training courses available and check that your employees have the knowledge and training necessary to make informed decisions on using their tools and equipment in a safe manner?  With most of our health and safety training courses taking a day or less to complete, this is the most cost-efficient way for your business to protect employees and comply with current legislation.  

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