Construction Companies in Ireland – Your Country Needs You!


The construction industry in Ireland recently embarked on a transition year (TY) drive to help students interested in working in Ireland’s most progressive construction companies, with students expected to take part in work experience opportunities in both the offices of construction companies and onsite.

The past decade has brought significant changes to the construction industry, with new technology, enhanced safety, equality and diversity, backed by increased salaries, all of which combine to make a career in the 21st Century construction sector a cool choice for youngsters contemplating their future. Jobs have changed, new jobs have been created in the wake of the construction industry’s adoption of digital technologies, and new skills are required by the sector if it is to fulfil the demand for new housing stock and infrastructure.

To address the challenges faced by the construction industry over the coming years, the Government is announcing a massive €115 billion investment programme to ensure that the sector offers career security for the next decade. Along with the Government’s plan to produce 35,000 new houses annually for the next five years, there will be no shortage of work for those choosing a career in construction. It’s estimated that the industry will need at least 110,000 new workers over the next three years to keep up with demand, and youngsters will be pleased to learn that beyond the traditional construction and engineering roles, modern construction offers some attractive new career options such as drone pilot, marketer, financial representatives, operations managers and innovative engineers, to name but a few.

If that’s not attractive enough already, there are further advantages to be gleaned from choosing a career in construction. The global construction industry is predicted to grow by 50% by 2030 and working in the construction sector in Ireland will give you the skills you need to travel the world. An increasing number of workers are already being recruited to work on building projects overseas by tech giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Despite recruiting an additional 50,000 workers since the economic recovery began in 2013, the ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) estimates that the industry is at 50% of the level that is considered essential for the Irish economy. According to DKM Economic Consultants’ 2016 Demand for Skills Report and Aecom’s forecast for 2018, the sector is predicted to grow by between 9% and 14% this year alone.

To play our part as Ireland’s leading provider of construction and health & safety training, we’ve created the “CIF Work Placement Initiative” which enables CIF member companies to offer work experience placements to TY students in schools. We’ve joined forces with to provide a platform where companies can advertise their commitment to taking on work placement students, and to develop industry-specific advice for both students and sponsoring companies to make sure that work experience meets the curriculum requirements.

In fact, the CIF Training team has been collaborating with for ten years to promote career opportunities in the construction sector. and the latest WorkXperience programme encourages work experience for students between the ages of 16 and 19. Providing authentic work placements as early as possible in a student’s development is critical to attracting new recruits into any sector which is why we’re dedicated to promoting positive, informative work placements that offer the real-world experience necessary to equip young people with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed career choices.

There are so many different career opportunities in the construction industry and most of these disciplines are facing an unprecedented skills shortage. Students today have more educational and training pathways into the construction industry than ever before – just look at what’s available on . Any construction companies interested in participating in this initiative can find more information or sign up here.

For more general information on the construction sector, educational pathways, and the job opportunities it has to offer, go to the CIF Sector Expert Profile on

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