CIF learning & Development Will Help Overcome the Challenges Facing HR Professionals in the Construction Industry


Implementing and tracking changes in human resource management (HRM) policies presents a challenge in the construction industry due to the large mobile workforce. HRM professionals often need to recruit qualified and experienced construction professionals on a project-specific basis and, with each project being uniquely different, finding the right talent takes both time and effort. By its very nature, the construction industry works to very tight timelines for delivery of projects, having the ability to attract and keep critical skill is an essential part of the business.

A key aspect of an HRM professional’s role is to ensure that workers are properly trained with respect to the specific requirements of the project. This means implementing a policy that ensures continued training for workers, whether this is to include training in the use of site plant & machinery, safety & health training or obtaining specific types of certification for projects such as waste or land management. It is the responsibility of HRM professionals to ensure that workers complete the required training programmes and obtain the additional certificates specific to an individual project before work begins.

Here at CIF Learning & Development we’ve designed our training courses to meet the needs of the Irish construction sector and provide accreditation to bodies such as IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), the world’s largest professional health and safety membership organisation and QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland), Ireland’s independent state agency which is responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services.

Our wide range of course programmes is delivered by expert lecturers from their relevant fields of experience, providing practical, hands-on training designed to ensure that candidates can easily and instantly transfer their new skills and knowledge into real-world scenarios on site. The short courses (between half a day and three days duration) will ensure qualification with the least disruption to business possible.

Why not take the time to view our programmes via our website to see how CIF Learning & Development can help your business develop the key skills required to be successful in today’s busy construction sector. All CIF Programmes are awarded CIRI CPD points and this is an added benefit in the upskilling of your employees while achieving the now required CIRI CPD points.

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