Careers in Construction – Building Control Compliance for Site Managers / Supervisors in Ireland


Site Managers and Supervisors are the people who are responsible for overseeing the work on construction sites to ensure all Building Control Regulations are complied with. This key role need to understand the impact of the regulations and technical guidance have on new buildings, alterations and extensions. It is essential that all buildings comply with the regulatory standards of safety, accessibility, sustainability and design. The role will usually encompass responsibility for the following issues:

  • Compliance with building regulations & technical guidance.
  • Compliance with energy performance ratings including air tightness
  • Compliance with fire technical standards for access & egress
  • Dealing with Assigned Certifier

Under the Building Control Act 1990 and the Building Control Regulations 1997, there are basic building regulations that must be adhered to. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (BCARs) represent a significant change to the Building Control Code and impact on all aspects and stages of the building process from design to completion.

The Building Control Officer has statutory authority and is responsible for carrying out independent inspections that govern the mandatory certification process for buildings. The Building Control Authority delegates power to Building Control Officers to:

  • Scrutinise proposals and inspect works in progress
  • Serve enforcement notices on owners and builders for non-compliance with regulations
  • Establish proceedings for breaches of any requirements outlined in the Acts or any of the regulations contained in the Acts
  • Seek High Court orders to reduce the danger to the public where serious non-compliance poses a risk to public safety

Site Managers and all those who are involved in site supervision activities can make sure they comply with Building Control legislation by undertaking training that’s designed to provide them with an understanding of their role in achieving compliance with current legislation.

CIF Learning & Development’s  programme “Site Managers – a Practical Approach to Building Regulations” takes just two days to complete and covers the following modules:

  1. Codes, Standards, etc. to be aware of on-site – delivering a broad understanding of the certification and approval regimes under which site works are constructed. You will learn the various regulatory regimes that apply to a specific job and where to obtain the information needed during construction.
  2. Management of Certification on Site – this module will enable you to prepare a guideline plan to manage certification and documentation on site during a construction project. You’ll also learn about the different Ancillary Certificates published for BCARs compliance, and where to find guidance on which to use.
  3. Products with Unusual Certification requirements – ensuring you’re familiar with the less straightforward certification items you may encounter onsite, and where to look for guidance when you encounter these.
  4. Sample Construction Project – this is designed to provide hands-on experience applying what has been learned to real world situations. This module includes hand-outs with project specifics and specific challenges requiring direct engagement from participants.
  5. Demonstration of Learning – candidates are given a handout detailing a range of orders, suppliers and issues that may be met during a construction project and asked to analyse each issue and detail the documentation and certification they would expect to encounter, provide or be provided with.

All our programs are designed to rapidly equip delegates with the key skills which can easily be applied on site upon their return. CIF believe that our programs provide the necessary information and tools in a practical way to have a great impact on site for the benefit of your business.

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