CIF Appointed Person (Lifting Operations)


The construction industry has traditionally been a risky industry in which to work and this is recognised by the amount of health and safety legislation that has been brought into play in a bid to protect workers from injuries in the workplace. There are so many activities on a construction site that pose a potential risk to construction personnel and today we’re going to take a look at Lifting.

Our CIF Appointed Person (Lifting Operations) has been specifically designed to assist supervisors and managers who have responsibility for lifting operations on site, particularly when it comes to the use of cranes. The training course meets the requirements specified in Safe Use of Cranes – the lifting of loads is one of the major causes of serious injuries and fatalities on construction sites and the cause of most of these incidents is the lack of proper training. Our course has been created to ensure that the Appointed Person is aware of the responsibilities involved and how to fulfil these.

The course will enable the Appointed Person to carry out the following activities in compliance with regulations:

  • Planning
  • Selection of cranes, lifting gear and personnel
  • Instruction and supervision
  • Consultation where necessary with other responsible organisations
  • Ensuring that adequate inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment is carried out
  • Ensuring that an effective procedure is in place for reporting defects and incidents and the necessary corrective action required
  • Responsibility for the organisation, control and safety of each lifting operation

Health and Safety legislation requires that the Appointed Person is responsible for planning all lifting operations that involve lifting equipment and supervising lifting operations to ensure that they are carried out in a safe manner.

The course is delivered in a classroom setting and includes the theory of scale drawing and the compilation of site lift plans.

The three-day course covers the following essential information:

  • Observation of regulations, legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Ensuring Safe Systems of Work, including Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Personal Responsibilities – duties and roles
  • Cranes – the different types of crane (structure and size) and the associated terminology
  • Crane Documentation requirements
  • An understanding of crane stability and ground pressure loading pad sizes
  • An understanding of Duty Charts and Safety Devices
  • Basic Terminology used
  • Planning a lift which covers lift loads and load planning
  • Environmental considerations

This course has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the construction industry in Ireland where there is no statutory requirement for a SOLAS Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded our CIF Safety Management Card and CIF Certificate, another qualification to tuck under their tool belts.

The course has been created to meet the highest standards and provide those students returning to the site with tangible, real-life skills that they are then ready to use in the workplace. The course will be delivered by an experienced tutor who is dedicated to offering a real-world experience to students in order to ensure that the learning experience is not only enjoyable but relevant and useful, ensuring that the new skills can be applied immediately on the student’s return to work.

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