Benefits of Prince2 in Construction Project Management

Emarkable 04/05/2018 Latest News

Benefits of Prince2 in Construction Project Management

Although PRINCE began as a standard for IT project management, PRINCE2 was developed to be more universally useful. This foundation programme providers learner with a platform to start their Construction Project Management career path.

According to the AXELOS 2016 PRINCE2 report, PRINCE2’s has been widely adopted in the construction industry in Ireland. PRINCE2 is also globally established. The AXELOS report also claims most survey respondents with PRINCE2 qualifications are from the broader European Union member states. Having a globally recognised qualification expands your network and the demand for your services.

Most government agencies procurements contacts now stipulate the construction PM must hold a recognised PM certification and Prince2 is one of the best-recognised qualifications to tick this box. Because PRINCE2 is about generic best practices, it’s non-proprietary. You don’t need any software to run PRINCE2 projects, apart from what your company prefers to use. Being generic also has the benefit of making PRINCE2 projects flexible. They don’t demand a company size or dictate how projects are delivered.

Unlike other Project Management certifications (i.e. PMP, IPMA) PRINCE2 lays greater emphasis upon the set of Project Management principles it encompasses than upon following an instruction book with a rigid set of rules.

As a technical reference guide, it explains all the processes and stages of a project and the roles and responsibilities associated with it. It will not tell you how to micromanage the next task in your project but will make sure you really understand all project principles and processes and how to manage them. With this, you will be able to easily tailor all your PRINCE2 projects to suit your needs and closely oversee all the projects you manage.

When choosing a certification, the time commitment to study/prepare, the costs involved, and the disruption it introduces into other areas of your professional life are crucially important factors to consider. PRINCE2 offers the unique advantage that you can start by preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam only. This means that you can do a real Project Management certification without committing yourself to a huge amount of training time and high costs.

Also, while doing the PRINCE2 Foundation certification, you will get a full overview what to expect when you decide to continue with the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification and beyond.  This makes the early phase of launching a Project Management certification career