Waste Management Training for Construction Industry Managers and Supervisors

CIF Training, 25/04/2018 Latest News

Waste Management Training for Construction Industry Managers and Supervisors

The waste from construction project accounts for about a third of all waste produced in Europe so the correct handling of waste is essential, especially the disposal of some of the hazardous waste encountered in construction. The person responsible for all waste disposal on a construction project is the construction manager or site supervisor who need to know exactly what to do with each different type of waste produced during the preparation of the site, the activity during the construction processes and the final clear up at the end of the project.

The disposal of waste is covered by legislation to protect the population and the environment from hazardous materials and incorrect disposal methods. Construction waste must be disposed of in a safe and acceptable manner to comply with regulations. To keep up to date with current legislation, waste management training is essential for construction industry managers and supervisors.

CIF Training have designed a Waste Management course that enables busy construction managers and supervisors to undergo the training necessary to ensure compliance, with practical solutions on avoiding waste generation and all you need to know about the correct waste management procedures for all types of waste. This will give you the information you need to design a comprehensive waste policy and develop a waste management plan for individual projects.

Think you’re too busy to train – think again! We know how busy construction managers/supervisors our Waste Management course are so is conveniently delivered in half a day. Don’t delay, book today to ensure your place on our half-day training course.