Business Management Skills – Too Busy for Training? – Think Again!

CIF Training. 16/02/2018 Latest News

Business Management Skills – Too Busy for Training? – Think Again!

Whatever type of industry you’re in, whether your role is professional, technical or administrative, if you’re expected to be responsible for a department, a team or an activity, then having the right type of business management skills is essential for success.  Managing a business successfully take a wide variety of skills that can take years to acquire on the job, so attending a business management skills course is a fast track to equipping yourself with the knowledge and techniques that can boost your career or your business.

A managerial position can carry so many responsibilities and, for those who may have worked their way up through the ranks or those who have launched their own business and may not have had managerial training, making sure you have the skills you need to carry out the job effectively and efficiently can seem daunting.  However, anybody who is already doing the job of management certainly doesn’t have the time or opportunity to attend a full-time Business Management Degree course or spend several years studying for a Business Management qualification.

This is where CIF Training comes to the rescue.  Our two-day Business Management Skills training course will equip participants with the business management skills necessary to ensure that they can manage their responsibilities and benefit their career or business in the future.  That’s right, in the space of just two days, our training course will provide you with the knowledge you need to make sure you can establish yourself in a commercial/sales environment with complete confidence in your capability.  Just look at some of the things you’ll learn by attending:

  • How to effectively and accurately assess potential customers
  • How to establish key bench marks which identify a potentially successful customer
  • To develop a “feel” for potential customers in terms of their business viability
  • How to carry out an initial assessment from home base and decide whether to move onto more costly stages
  • How to plan and prepare for meetings with customers and how to respond to their communications
  • How to anticipate accurately what a customer is likely to want and develop relevant response strategies to the questions they are likely to ask while remaining objective
  • How to obtain and assess customer information
  • How to document and report the results of a customer assessment
  • How to deal with formal business proposals, including follow up and amendment to arrive at a final proposal with a business agreement or a negative close out
  • How to identify the problems and pitfalls at each stage of the customer journey
  • How to set a sales budget for a prospect and define potential income, potential profits and overheads
  • How to build and maintain valuable relationships with target personnel within a customer organisation to ensure their support for you and your company

Undertaking a Business Management Skills course means investing in your company, investing in yourself and investing in the future.  You will learn the skills you need to take control and lead your team to a better outcome – increased productivity, increased sales and increased opportunities.

Why not get in touch now so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business, progress your career and learn the necessary skills that business leaders need in this rapidly changing world?  Don’t get left behind, Business Management Skills training will enable you and your business to stand out from the crowd.  In the space of just two days, you’ll set yourself (and your business or career) on the path to a brighter future – a future that spells SUCCESS in every possible way.