The Appliance of Compliance

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The Appliance of Compliance

The Appliance of ComplianceDemonstrating compliance is a vital issue for the construction industry in Ireland. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2013 (BCAR or SI9) which came into force in March 2014 outline the statutory and regulatory requirements and obligations relating to starting, certifying completing and registering a building. The requirement to demonstrate compliance, while relatively new in Ireland, is standard practice in most northern European countries and is designed to ensure that building work is carried out within regulation standards to ensure that buildings are fit for purpose.

Knowing that a house has been built to code gives homeowners the confidence they need to buy and sell property, safe in the knowledge that the building work is up to standard, rather than shoddy work that has been carried out as cheaply as possible for the builder to make as much profit as possible on the deal. Complying with legislation is good ethical practice and makes house buying a safer and more attractive proposition.

BCAR raises accountability and encourages construction industry professionals to adopt a certification process. Mandatory inspections are carried out by an Assigned Certifier throughout the build process and in the coming years, this will create more jobs in the Irish construction industry as more Assigned Certifiers are needed. Training now as an Assigned Certifier is an attractive career option in Ireland as they will be employed throughout the various building phases to ensure building regulations are compiled with as part of the move towards mandatory compliance.

Getting the right training for this type of job is vital for those who want to gain a deeper insight into how the new legislation works and how it can be applied in the real world. While it’s a complex subject, the introduction to BCAR Online Training Programme is delivered as an online course making it a flexible option for learners irrespective of their location.