Construction Industry Federation – What’s it all About?

CIF Training. 02/01/2018 Latest News

Construction Industry Federation – What’s it all About?

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is the Irish construction industry’s representative body which provides its members with a broad range of services which include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Engagement with Government, Statutory and other Industry Organisations
  • Legal and Industrial Relations Consultation
  • Marketing and Industrial Intelligence Reports

The CIF is committed to ensuring that its members are regularly updated on all issues that affect the construction industry here in Ireland and provides services on both a national and regional basis from its offices in Galway, Cork and Dublin.

CIF provides a comprehensive range of training and business development programmes to ensure that construction companies here in Ireland have access to high quality training in safety and environmental issues as well as business development.  With regular briefings on kay policy development, CIF is dedicated to making sure that the construction industry here in Ireland is fit for the 21st Century and has the confidence to face an uncertain future in this challenging economic climate.

When it comes to Health and Safety, CIF represents the views of construction contractors at the highest level so that members experiences and insights are brought directly to the attention of those who help to shape the adoption of practical, cost-efficient and successful industry wide health and safety policies designed to protect construction workers here in Ireland and minimise the risks in the workplace.

Making sure that the Irish construction industry is as safe as is practicable is a key issue when it comes to attracting young people into the industry and offering exciting careers.  Only by ensuring that the industry is an attractive career option for school leavers can we make sure that the Irish construction industry benefits from the input of our best and brightest young people in the future.