Health and Safety Training Designed for 21st Century Construction

CIF Training. 20/12/2017 Latest News

Health and Safety Training Designed for 21st Century Construction

The construction industry is one of the sectors that has been changing most rapidly in the past few years with the adaptation of new digital technologies. There are now major career opportunities within the construction sector where significant career pathways now exist.

Construction has long been considered a high risk industry in which to work and annual statistics in the past revealed the sector did have a higher rate of injuries and fatalities. With changing legislation, enforcement and changing behaviours the construction has seen significant benefits from Health & Safety at work. There are still high risk activities such as working at height, working with plant and machinery all still present a higher level of risk if not managed correctly.

It’s vital that those who employ construction workers are aware of the responsibilities they have and the duty of care obligations towards their employees.  Here in Ireland, the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 apply to all employers, employees and self-employed people in the workplace.  Under Section 8 of the Act, the employer has a duty to ensure the employees’ safety, health and welfare at work as far as is reasonably practicable.

Every employer is required to carry out a risk assessment for the workplace to identify any hazards present in the workplace, assess the risks arising from the hazards and identify the steps to take to deal with these risks.  An employer must also prepare a safety statement which is based on the risk assessment that contains the details of the people in the workplace who are responsible for safety issues.

Training from a recognised training provider is essential so that those responsible for the safety of others at work hold the correct accreditation to the relevant bodies such as QQI and IOSH.  CIF Managing Safely in Construction programmes which are named within the Department of Finance Pre-Qualification documents for construction tenders so you can be sure that CIF will provide you with the training you need to comply with legislation and ensure the safety of your personnel.